South Africa and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)

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[8 January 2021] Reflecting on her first 100 days in office, the Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies announced the completion of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Framework for South Africa as part of the AI Blueprint for Africa, a generic AI toolkit intended to ensure that all African countries build national capacity and capabilities. AI [...]

High-demand radio frequency spectrum

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[7 January 2021] Telkom have launched litigation seeking to interdict the licensing process pending a review of the lawfulness of the latest invitation to apply. Telkom v ICASA and others 2022 Notice of Motion and Founding Affidavit 4 January 2022 (annexures available on request) déjà vu /deɪʒɑː ˈvuː,French deʒa vy/ noun a feeling of [...]

ICASA review of Number Portability Regulations

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[3 January 2022] ICASA has published an amended Ordering System Specification for number portability. Amendments to the Ordering System Specifications for Geographic, Non-Geographic and Mobile Number Portability, 2021 Reasons Document for Amendments to the Ordering System Specifications 2021 The amended OSS will also come into force on 7 March 2022. __ [17 December 2021] South [...]

The Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013

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[2 January 2022] The Information Regulator and the Competition Commission entered into a memorandum of agreement setting out the manner in which they will cooperate in matters falling within their concurrent jurisdiction on 21 October 2021. Memorandum of Agreement between Competition Commission and Information Regulator of South Africa 2021 __ [5 July 2021] A presentation [...]

ICASA inquiry into long-term spectrum outlook

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[26 December 2021] ICASA has issued a notice setting out  its intention to conduct an inquiry into the outlook for spectrum management and usage over the long term. Notice of intention to conduct an inquiry into the long-term spectrum outlook The deadline for submissions is 16h00 on 4 March 2022: these should be submitted to [...]

Frequency Migration Regulations and Frequency Migration Plan

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[26 December 2021]  ICASA published a findings document in respect of its inquiry into the implementation of the Radio Frequency Migration Plan and of the International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) Roadmap on 24 December 2021. Findings Document Implementation of the Radio Frequency Migration Plan and IMT Roadmap The deadline for submissions is 16h00 on Friday 11 [...]

Radio Frequency Spectrum Regulations 2015

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[26 December 2021] ICASA has published the Radio Frequency Spectrum Amendment Regulations, 2021, which came into operation upon publication in the Government Gazette on 24 December 2021. Radio Frequency Spectrum Amendment Regulations 2021 These regulations update Annexure B to the Radio Frequency Spectrum Regulations 2015, which sets out a table of bands and specifications in [...]


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[15 December 2021] The deadline for submissions has been extended to Thursday, 20 January 2022 at 16h30. Extension - Draft Amendment Regulations Governing Aspects of Procedures of Complaints and Compliance Committee of Independent Communications Authority of South Africa 2021 ___ [7 December 2021] ICASA has published draft amendments to the regulations governing the procedure [...]

Competition Commission Inquiry into Online Intermediation Platforms

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[7 December 2021] The Commission has published a second version of its report on Competition in the Digital Economy. Competition in the Digital Economy Version 2 The paper sets out the ways in which South Africa’s competition laws can be implemented to achieve equitable outcomes in the digital economy and the Commission’s intentions in this [...]

Cybercrimes Act

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[30 November 2021] Cybercrimes Act Commencement of certain sections 19 November 2021 __ [9 June 2021] The Cybercrimes Act 19 of 2020 has been signed by the President and will come into force on a date to be proclaimed in the Government Gazette. The period between assent and commencement will be spent develop standing operating [...]

National State of Disaster due to COVID-19 – South African Telecommunications Sector

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Telecoms-specific content | Telecoms-specific regulations | Documents and processes needed to provide essential services | General regulations | ICASA and other organisations | Miscellaneous links | Ongoing updates Telecoms-specific content Ellipsis Advisory - Lockdown and Telecommunications Companies Ellipsis - COVID-19 [...]

Call Termination Regulations

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[7 November 2021] ICASA has taken the next step in the current review of the pro-competitive obligations in the market for wholesale call termination, publishing a Discussion Document for public comment. Discussion document on the review of the pro-competitive conditions imposed on licensees The deadline for submissions is 16h00 on Tuesday 11 January 2022 (...). [...]

ICT sector data collection

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[6 October 2021] ICASA has initiated the process for collecting the data for the 2021 State of the ICT Sector Report, which will cover the period 1 October 2020 to 30 September 2021. The timelines involved are as follows: Date Activity 07 October 2021 – 30 November 2021 Questionnaire completed by industry 01 December [...]

Updated list of individual and class licence holders

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[5 October 2021] ICASA have released updated class licensee lists for October 2021: ICASA list of Class Licensees (October 2021) ___ [8 July 2020] ICASA have released updated licensee lists for May 2020: ICASA List of IECS and IECNS Licensees (May 2020) ICASA List of CECS Licensees (May 2020) ICASA List of CECNS Licensees (May [...]

Wireless Open Access Network (WOAN)

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[1 October 2021] Media release: ICASA outlines plans for the expedited licensing of high-demand spectrum and the Wireless Open Access Network Notice regarding Information Memorandum on Licensing of Spectrum in the IMT700, IMT800, IMT2600 and IMT3500 Bands Schedule for expedited licensing of the WOAN Key Activities Envisaged Dates Commencement of process to reconsider [...]

National Infrastructure Plan 2050

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[14 September 2021] The deadline for comments on the draft National Infrastructure Plan 2050 has been extended to 1 October 2021 (previously 17 September 2021). Infrastructure Development Act: National Infrastructure Plan 2050: Extension of date for comments ___ [11 August 2021] The Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (DPWI) has published a draft National Infrastructure [...]

ITU Questionnaires

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[6 September 2021] ICASA has released  the ITU World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Long Questionnaire 2021. The Long Questionnaire consists of 14 sections and covers the period from January 2020 to December 2020. Licensees are required to submit their responses by 24 September 2021 to Mr. Vincent Nesengani, Lead Statistician per email: Any queries can be [...]

Department of Communications and Digital Technologies (DCDT)

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[3 September 2021] The Department is establishing a multi-stakeholder working group on strategies to address mis- and/or dis-information and mal-information in South Africa Terms of Reference __ [4 August 2021] The Department is publishing a newsletter - - containing information about its programmes and initiatives. Newsletter Issue 3, August 2021 __ [9 June 2021] [...]


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Astronomy Geographic Advantage Act - Promulgation - Karoo Central Astronomy Advantage Areas ICASA Media Release on the potential impact of the Astronomy Geographic Advantage Act, 2007 on existing and future frequency spectrum licensees (September 2010) Declaration of Areas to be Core Astronomy Advantage Areas in terms of the Astronomy Geographic Advantage Act, 2007 (August 2010) [...]

ICT and Digital Economic Masterplan for South Africa

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[31 August 2021] The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has published a request for proposals for a service provider to facilitate the “development of the Digital Economy Masterplan indicators, baseline against which change can be measured over the next 5 years and develop a theory of change”. RFP Digital Economy_IGP RFQ 10 Unfortunately it [...]

ICASA 5G Forum

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[25 July 2021] ICASA have published a useful annual report providing an analysis and evaluation of the current status, readiness, and prospects for 5G in South Africa. ICASA 2021 5G Annual Report: The State of 5G in South Africa - From Readiness to Recommendations  The report is informed by a stakeholder survey, conducted amongst the [...]

Data and Cloud Policy for South Africa

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[23 July 2021] The Department of Communications and Digital Technologies is considering submissions received on the proposed policy and well as input received at a colloquium held online on 18 June 2021. The Deputy Minister in her Budget Speech noted that the intention was to submit a finalised policy to Cabinet for approval by the [...]

National Radio Frequency Plan for South Africa

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[9 July 2021] ICASA has published a new set of draft amendments to the National Radio Frequency Plan (NRFP) for public comment. Draft National Radio Frequency Plan 2021 for Public Consultation Written submissions must be submitted for the attention of by no later than 16h00 on Friday, 27 August 2021. Public hearings will be held [...]


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[4 July 2021] The Cybersecurity Hub situated within the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies has developed a Cybersecurity Awareness Portal with some useful information and resources. __ [30 March 2019] ICASA has published its findings and positions in respect of any potential roles and responsibilities it may have with regard to cybersecurity through its [...]

Amendment of licensing regulations

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[19 April 2021] Please see below for links to the finalised class licensing regulations: Amendment Standard Terms and Conditions for Class Licences, 2021 Class Licensing Processes and Procedures Amendment Regulations, 2021 ___ [3 November 2020] The schedules for the public hearings can be seen below: Public hearings - Draft Class Standard Terms and Conditions [...]

Type Approval

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[11 April 2021] Following its review of the current type approval framework, ICASA has published draft Equipment Authorisation Regulations 2021 for public comment: Draft Equipment Authorisation Regulations 2021 Written submissions are due by 16h00 on 17 May 2021. These can be sent to for the attention of Mr Lumkile Qabaka. __ [25 March 2020] [...]

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