Amendment of licensing regulations

2020-10-27T14:15:53+02:00Oct 27th, 2020|class licence registrations and applications, compliance, individual licence applications, individual licence applications, snippets, standard terms and conditions|

[27 October 2020] ICASA will be holding public hearings in respect of submissions received in relation to the Draft Class Standard Terms and Conditions Regulations. The hearings are scheduled for 6 November 2020, the details of which will be published in the government gazette once the schedule is confirmed. ___ [16 October 2020] ICASA [...]

Ownership and Control of Service Licences

2020-10-26T20:50:18+02:00Oct 26th, 2020|ICASA, individual licence applications, licensing, Open for comment, snippets|

[26 October 2020] Public hearings on the Draft Regulations in respect of the Limitations of Control and Equity Ownership by Historically Disadvantaged Groups and the application of the ICT Sector Code will be held on 19, 20 and 23 November 2020 on a virtual platform. ___ [30 September 2020] In a judgement by the High [...]

High-demand radio frequency spectrum

2020-10-25T12:18:03+02:00Oct 25th, 2020|frequency, ICASA, snippets|

[25 October 2020] ICASA has requested responses to an invitation to apply for appointment as consultants to execute and implement the ITA for the auction of radio frequency spectrum in the IMT700, IMT800, IMT2600 and IMT3500 bands. ICASA-12-2020-tender-document ICASA-12-2020-terms-of-reference ICASA-12-2020-general-conditions-of-contract The deadline for responses is 11h00 on 9 November 2020. ___ [18 October 2020] [...]

South Africa and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)

2020-10-25T12:10:54+02:00Oct 23rd, 2020|policy, snippets, Uncategorized|

[23 October 2020] The report of the Presidential Commission on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (PC4IR) has been gazetted. Report of the Presidential Commission on the Fourth Industrial Revolution ___ [18 July 2020] The National Planning Commission has released a Draft Paper - "Digital Futures: South Africa's readiness for the Fourth Industrial Revolution" for public comment. [...]

The Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013

2020-10-22T22:06:48+02:00Oct 22nd, 2020|miscellaneous, snippets, Uncategorized|

[22 October 2020] Information Regulator Presentation Quarterly Performance 8 October 2020 ___ [22 July 2020] The Information Regulator has published draft guidelines on the registration of information officers for public comment. Draft Guidelines on the Registration of Information Officers The deadline for submissions is 16 August 2020 (16h00) and can be directed to ___ [...]

ICASA inquiry into mobile broadband services competition

2020-10-21T15:48:08+02:00Oct 21st, 2020|competition, cost to communicate, ICASA, Open for comment, snippets|

[21 October 2020] ICASA will hold public hearings on its Discussion Document on the Market Inquiry into Mobile Broadband Services on 26 and 27 October 2020. The hearings will be held at Radisson Blu Gautrain, Sandton with remote participation available on the Microsoft Teams platform. ICASA to hear submissions with respect to the mobile broadband [...]

ICT sector data collection

2020-10-19T11:52:38+02:00Oct 19th, 2020|miscellaneous, snippets|

[19 October 2020] ICASA has initiated the process for collecting the data for the 2020 State of the ICT Sector Report, which will cover the period 1 October 2019 to 30 September 2020. The timelines involved are as follows: Date Activity 12 October 2019 – 30 November 2020 Questionnaire completed by industry 01 December [...]

Audio and audiovisual content policy

2020-10-21T22:39:38+02:00Oct 12th, 2020|broadcasting / DTT, content regulation, News, snippets|

[12 October 2020] The Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies has published a draft policy framework on audio and audio-visual content services for comment: Draft White Paper on Audio and Audiovisual Content Services Policy Framework: A New Vision for South Africa 2020 The draft white paper is open for comment until 16h00 on 30 November [...]

Digital and Future Skills Strategy for South Africa

2020-10-11T17:05:26+02:00Oct 10th, 2020|4IR, snippets, Uncategorized|

[10 October 2020] Overview Digital and Future Skills Strategy South Africa September 2020 ___ [27 September 2020] The Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies published a final National Digital and Future Skills Strategy for South Africa. National Digital and Future Skills Strategy South Africa 23 September 2020  This Strategy sets out a structured series of [...]

Competition in the digital economy

2020-09-27T18:52:19+02:00Sep 26th, 2020|competition, Open for comment, snippets|

[26 September 2020] The deadline for comments has been extended to 30 October 2020. ___ [25 September 2020] What is this document about? In order to harness the promised benefits of digitisation South Africa must create a commercial and regulatory environment designed to extract those benefits and distribute them in a way that ensures inclusive [...]

Call Termination Regulations

2020-09-15T11:35:58+02:00Sep 14th, 2020|competition, snippets|

[14 September 2020] A reminder that the latest reduction in wholesale voice call termination rates as mandated by ICASA will take effect on 1 October 2020. Fixed call termination rates: Period Regulated Rate Allowed Asymmetry 1 October 2017 – 30 September 2018 R0.10 R0.12 1 October 2018 – 30 September 2019 R0.09 R0.10 1 October [...]

ITU Questionnaires

2020-09-08T13:06:03+02:00Sep 8th, 2020|snippets, Uncategorized|

[8 September 2020] ICASA has released  the ITU World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Long Questionnaire 2019. The Long Questionnaire consists of 14 sections and 75 indicators and covers the period from January 2019 to December 2019. Licensees are required to submit their responses by 25 September 2020 to Any queries can be directed to Mr Vincent [...]


2020-09-16T19:32:44+02:00Aug 30th, 2020|competition, Consumer Protection, frequency, ICASA, licensing, News, snippets|

[30 August 2020] The Minister has confirmed the appointment of Mr Zolani Matthews, bringing ICASA's Council to a full complement of nine. ___ [24 August 2020] Five new and returning ICASA Councillors commence four-year terms today.  These appointments are welcome - particularly those of Dr Modimoeng (in our view ICASA's best chairperson to date) [...]

The Film & Publications Board and online content regulation

2020-09-01T16:18:55+02:00Aug 30th, 2020|content regulation, Open for comment, snippets|

[30 August 2020] The Minister has published a notice that the deadline for submissions on the Draft Film and Publications Regulations 2020 has been extended to 12 October 2020. Notice of extension ___ [15 August 2020] The FPB is engaging with various stakeholder groups on the Draft Film and Publications Regulations, 2020 based on the [...]

Electronic communications facilities leasing

2020-08-24T00:10:43+02:00Aug 24th, 2020|access, competition, snippets|

[22 August 2020] The High Court has delivered a clear and compelling judgement on electronic communications facilities leasing, a pro-competitive remedy which is critical to allowing access to and sharing of infrastructure. Telkom v ICASA & others 28332_18 The story is well-known: Vodacom had requested access to space in Telkom ducts to deploy fibre alongside [...]

Dynamic spectrum management in South Africa

2020-08-18T12:50:09+02:00Aug 18th, 2020|frequency, snippets, Uncategorized|

[18 August 2020] ICASA has published a notice advising that the Regulations on the Use of Television White Spaces, 2018 (“the Regulations”), published on 23 March 2018 will come into force on 1 April 2021. Notice regarding the commencement date of the regulations on the use of television white spaces 2018 ___ [20 July 2020] [...]

Community Broadcasting

2020-08-14T10:01:12+02:00Aug 14th, 2020|broadcasting / DTT, Open for comment, snippets|

[14 August 2020] ICASA reminds interested communities to respond to the Invitation To Apply (ITA) for pre-registration in respect of applications for Digital Community Television Broadcasting Service Licences and applications for Radio Frequency Spectrum on Multiplex 1 (Mux 1). There will be two phases to the process: Phase 1: Consideration of the applications for pre-registration [...]

Rapid deployment of electronic communications facilities

2020-08-08T16:17:52+02:00Aug 8th, 2020|access, Open for comment, policy, snippets|

[8 August 2020] ellipsis Summary of Draft Policy & Policy Directions on Rapid Deployment August 2020 ___ [22 July 2020] Out of the blue, the Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies has published draft policy and policy directions on the rapid deployment of electronic communications networks and facilities for public comment. Draft Policy Direction on [...]

Strategic Integrated Projects (SIPs) & communications

2020-08-23T19:04:20+02:00Jul 26th, 2020|News, policy, snippets, universal Access|

[26 July 2020] The Minister of Public Works and Administration has gazetted additional Strategic Infrastructure Projects (SIPS) which include: Strategic Integrated Project No 22: Digital Infrastructure Sub-project: a. National Spatial Infrastructure Hub Strategic Integrated Project No 30: Digitising of Government Information Programme Strategic Integrated Project No 35: SA Connect Phase 1B Programme Designation of Strategic [...]

ICTs for people with disabilities

2020-07-24T17:02:14+02:00Jul 24th, 2020|Consumer Protection, licensing, miscellaneous, Open for comment, snippets|

[24 July 2020] ICASA has extended the deadline for submissions on the draft “Code for Persons with Disabilities Regulations” to 14 August 2020. ICASA extends closing date for written submissions in respect of the Draft Code for Persons with Disabilities ___ [25 June 2020] ICASA has published draft “Code for Persons with Disabilities Regulations” for [...]

Digital sound broadcasting services

2020-07-14T21:27:14+02:00Jul 14th, 2020|broadcasting / DTT, policy, snippets|

[14 July 2020] The Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies (DCDT) has issued a policy direction which gives a green light for ICASA to develop a regulatory framework and issue licences for digital sound broadcasting ("DSB") services in South Africa. Policy Direction Digital Sound Broadcasting 10 July 2020 __ [3 April 2019] ICASA has finalised [...]

National State of Disaster due to COVID-19 – South African Telecommunications Sector

2020-10-15T19:27:14+02:00Jul 12th, 2020|ICASA, licensing, News, policy, snippets, Uncategorized|

Telecoms-specific content | Telecoms-specific regulations | Documents and processes needed to provide essential services | General regulations | ICASA and other organisations | Miscellaneous links | Ongoing updates Telecoms-specific content Ellipsis Advisory - Lockdown and Telecommunications Companies Ellipsis - COVID-19 [...]

Cybercrimes Bill

2020-06-23T00:27:43+02:00Jun 22nd, 2020|legislation, snippets|

[23 June 2020] The finalisation of the Cybercrimes Bill is significantly closer after the Select Committee approved its amendments and report on 11 June 2020. Committee statement on adoption of Cybercrimes Bill 11 June 2020 Cybercrimes Bill Committee Report 11 June 2020 NCOP proposed amendments to Cybercrimes Bill The next step is a vote in [...]

Department of Communications and Digital Technologies (DCDT)

2020-06-06T20:58:48+02:00Jun 6th, 2020|institutional framework, policy, snippets|

[6 June 2020] The DCDT has published its maiden strategic plan for the medium-term period 2020-2025 and its annual performance plan for the period 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021. DCDT Annual Performance Plan 2020-21 DCDT Strategic Plan 2020-2025 ___ [1 April 2020] The Department of Communications and Digital Technologies (DCDT) - a merger [...]

Updated list of individual and class licence holders

2020-07-08T12:06:00+02:00May 1st, 2020|licensing, snippets|

[8 July 2020] ICASA have released updated licensee lists for May 2020: ICASA List of IECS and IECNS Licensees (May 2020) ICASA List of CECS Licensees (May 2020) ICASA List of CECNS Licensees (May 2020) ___ [4 August 2018] ICASA List of class licensees August 2018 ___ [11 September 2017] ICASA List of Class Licensees September [...]

Numbering Plan Regulations 2016

2020-04-16T14:23:29+02:00Apr 16th, 2020|Numbering, Open for comment, snippets, Uncategorized|

[16 April 2020] ICASA has published the Numbering Plan Amendment Regulations, 2020 which will come into force three months from the date of publication in the government gazette (15 April 2020). Numbering Plan Amendment Regulations, 2020 ___ [3 March 2019] ICASA has published draft amendments to the Numbering Plan Regulations 2016 intended to harmonise use [...]

Review of Universal Service and Access Obligation (USAO) framework

2020-04-02T09:23:59+02:00Apr 1st, 2020|News, Open for comment, snippets, universal Access|

[2 April 2020] The date public for comments on proposed revisions to the universal service and access obligations imposed on Rain Networks has been extended to 24 April 2020 (previously 2  April 2020), with the date for Rain's responses extended to 26 June 2020 (previously 12 April 2020). ICASA Media Release ___ [15 March 2020] [...]

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