Type Approval

2019-03-19T17:44:10+02:00Mar 19th, 2019|Open for comment, snippets, Type Approval & Labelling|

[19 March 2019] ICASA has scheduled public hearings in respect of the Draft Conformity Assessment Framework for Equipment Authorization, which will be held on 25 March 2019 at ICASA's head office in Centurion. ICASA Media Release: Public Hearings ___ [31 January 2019] ICASA has extended the deadline for comments on the Draft Conformity Assessment Framework [...]

The Film & Publications Board and online content regulation

2019-03-20T23:31:46+02:00Mar 19th, 2019|content regulation, Open for comment, snippets|

[20 March 2019] The Films and Publications Amendment Bill 2019 has now completed its long journey through the Parliamentary process after being passed by the National Assembly on 19 March 2019, and has been sent to the President for signature and proclamation. __ [17 March 2019] The Portfolio Committee adopted its report on the Bill [...]

Electronic Services Regulations under the Value-Added Tax Act

2019-03-18T23:49:07+02:00Mar 18th, 2019|miscellaneous, snippets|

[18 March 2019] The Minister of Finance has published amendments to the Electronic Services Regulations 2014 which will come into force on 1 April 2019. Amendments to the Electronic Services Regulations 2014 ___ [16 April 2014] A Treasury press release provides further information: SARS is ready to start registering foreign based supplies of electronic services from [...]

ICASA Radio Frequency Spectrum Assignment Plans (RFSAPs)

2019-03-18T14:51:41+02:00Mar 18th, 2019|access, frequency, ICASA, snippets|

[18 March 2019] ICASA's industrious spectrum people have published two more final RFSAPs: Notice regarding the Radio Frequency Spectrum Assignment Plan for the Frequency Band 1518 to 1525 MHz Radio Frequency Spectrum Assignment Plan for the frequency band 75.2 to 87.5 MHz ___ [16 February 2019] ICASA has published a final Radio Frequency Spectrum Assignment Plan [...]

ICASA’s Cost to Communicate Programme

2019-03-17T17:41:49+02:00Mar 17th, 2019|competition, snippets|

[15 March 2019] Below is a link to ICASA's latest presentation in Parliament on its progress in lowering the cost to communicate: ICASA Presentation on Cost to Communicate 26 February 2019 There are currently four central components to ICASA’s efforts: Reductions to call termination rates: new glide path into effect from 1 October 2018, valid [...]

Financial forecast report

2019-03-15T18:37:34+02:00Mar 15th, 2019|compliance, ICASA, snippets|

[15 March 2019] ICASA has published a notice in the Government Gazette on 15 March noting that certain licensees are required to submit an annual forecast of licence fees using the format in Schedule 3(1), on or before 30 April 2019. ICASA requires that each licensee with a financial year ending in October, November, December, [...]

ICASA inquiry into mobile broadband services competition

2019-03-14T10:13:00+02:00Mar 14th, 2019|competition, cost to communicate, ICASA, Open for comment, snippets|

[14 March 2019] ICASA has granted an extension for the submission of written representations on the Notice, questionnaire and/or requests for information to 29 March 2019 (previously 11 March 2019). Revised timelines for submission of information in regard to mobile broadband services inquiry ___ [09 January 2019] ICASA has released an updated response to questions [...]

ITU Questionnaires

2019-03-05T13:40:32+02:00Mar 5th, 2019|snippets, Uncategorized|

[5 March 2019] ICASA has released  the International Telecommunications Union’s Short Questionnaire on telecommunications statistics for 2018. The Short Questionnaire consists of 14 indicators and covers the period from January 2018 to December 2018. Licensees are required to submit their responses by 22 March 2019 to ictindicators@icasa.org.za. 2018 ITU Short Questionnaire ___ [2 August 2018] [...]

Numbering Plan Regulations 2016

2019-03-03T15:04:45+02:00Mar 3rd, 2019|Numbering, Open for comment, snippets, Uncategorized|

[3 March 2019] ICASA has published draft amendments to the Numbering Plan Regulations 2016 intended to harmonise use of the short code 116 for child helpline services. Draft Numbering Plan Amendment Regulations 2018: Short Code 116 for child helpline services Written submissions are due by 12 April 2019 and can be sent to tkhomo@icasa.org.za. This [...]

The Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services

2019-03-03T16:42:01+02:00Mar 3rd, 2019|snippets, Uncategorized|

[3 March 2019]The Statement of Estimated National Expenditure (ENE) for the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services indicates that - over the medium term - the Department will focus on: implementing the 2016 White Paper on National Integrated ICT Policy by introducing prioritised legislation to Parliament, including the Electronic Communications and Transactions Amendment Bill, the [...]

Interception & monitoring of electronic communications

2019-03-03T15:12:11+02:00Mar 3rd, 2019|Cybercrime, Cybersecurity, snippets|

[3 March 2019] Amabhungane have filed their heads of argument in their application to review the Constitutionality of certain provisions of RICA. The matter is expected to be heard from 4-6 June 2019. Amabhungane Heads of Argument (12 February 2019) __ [22 October 2017] We are informed that the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development [...]

The (new) Department of Communications

2019-03-03T14:55:53+02:00Mar 3rd, 2019|policy, snippets, Uncategorized|

[3 March 2019] The Estimate of National Expenditure for the Department of Communications will be its last before it is merged with the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services later this year. Vote 03 Communications: Estimate of National Expenditure for the Department for the period 2019/20 - 2021/22 The priorities for expenditure over the period [...]

End-user and Subscriber Service Charter

2019-03-03T14:25:10+02:00Mar 3rd, 2019|compliance, Consumer Affairs, Consumer Protection, licensing, Open for comment, snippets|

[3 March 2019] ICASA has delayed the implementation date for certain regulations relating to an option to opt-out of notification for depletion of voice, SMS and data services and the out-of-bundle usage requirements as per the First EUSSC Amendment Regulations 2019. This is to allow licensees sufficient time to configure their systems and processes, with [...]

ICASA review of Number Portability Regulations

2019-02-15T15:50:05+02:00Feb 15th, 2019|Numbering, snippets|

[11 February 2019] ICASA will be  holding public hearings in respect of the Draft Ordering System Specification for Number Portability on 18 February 2019 at ICASA's head office in Centurion, the schedule for which can be found at the link below: Schedule of Oral Presentations - Draft Ordering System Specification for Number Portability ICASA Media [...]

Ownership and Control of Service Licences

2019-02-15T16:49:19+02:00Feb 15th, 2019|ICASA, individual licence applications, licensing, Open for comment, snippets|

[15 February 2019] ICASA has released a findings document and position paper on the Inquiry into equity ownership by Historically Disadvantaged Groups and the application of the ICT sector code in the ICT sector: Findings Document and Position Paper - HDI ___ [11 February 2019] Telkom has applied for BBEEE Facilitator Status, and the DTI [...]

Competition Amendment Bill 2017

2019-02-15T21:42:21+02:00Feb 14th, 2019|competition, snippets|

[14 February 2019] The Competition Amendment Act 2017 was signed into law on 13 February 2019. This Act augments the powers of the Competition Commission and the Minister of Economic Development in remedying market concentration in key industries that is excluding smaller entities from competition and hindering transformation. We anticipate that the provisions of the [...]

The Cybercrimes Bill

2019-02-06T09:21:52+02:00Feb 6th, 2019|legislation, snippets|

[6 February 2019] The Select Committee on Security and Justice in the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) has invited the public to submit written comments on the Cybercrimes Bill as part of the NCOP's consideration of the Bill. Comments can be emailed to Mr G Dixon (gdixon@parliament.gov.za) by no later than 8 March 2019. __ [24 [...]

Domain name management

2019-02-04T10:20:57+02:00Feb 4th, 2019|snippets, Uncategorized|

[4 February 2019] The Minister of Communications has appointed members to the independent selection panel that will select the non-executive directors of the .ZADNA (ZA Domain Name Authority) from the various nominations previously received. Independent selection panel Advertisement for non-executive directors (revised) Advertisement for non-executive directors (original) ___ [17 September 2018] ZADNA has released a [...]


2019-01-02T19:20:16+02:00Jan 2nd, 2019|Cybersecurity, legislation, snippets|

[2 January 2019] The below written submissions were sent to ICASA in response to its inquiry about whether it should get involved with cybersecurity issues: CellC FNB-Connect ISPA MMA MTN NAB Research SACF Sentech Telkom Vodacom ___ [21 December 2018] ICASA will be holding oral hearings on the “The roles and responsibilities of ICASA in [...]

Call Termination Regulations

2018-12-26T22:12:45+02:00Dec 26th, 2018|competition, snippets|

[26 December 2018] The reasons for amendments to the call termination regulatory framework effected through the Call Termination Regulations 2018 are set out in a document published by ICASA on 21 December 2018. Reasons Document Call Termination Amendment Regulations 2018 ___ [28 September 2018] ICASA has published the finalised Call Termination Regulations, which will come [...]

The Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013

2018-12-14T15:44:04+02:00Dec 14th, 2018|miscellaneous, snippets, Uncategorized|

[14 December 2018] Final regulations under the Protection of Personal Information Act have been published in the Government Gazette of 14 December 2018. Regulations relating to the Protection of Personal Information, 2018 Regulations relating to the Protection of Personal Information, 2018 (Afrikaans) __ [4 May 2018] The Information Regulator formed under POPI presented in Parliament [...]

Amendment of licensing regulations

2018-12-12T20:43:13+02:00Dec 12th, 2018|class licence registrations and applications, compliance, individual licence applications, individual licence applications, snippets, standard terms and conditions|

[12 December 2018] ICASA has published amendments to these 2010 Regulations which have the effect of exempting state-owned enterprises from having to comply with the requirement that they have 30% HDI ownership when applying to renew their individual licences. Licensing Processes and Procedures for Individual Licences Amendment Regulations, 2018 There was no public participation process undertaken [...]

Hate speech online

2018-12-12T00:31:40+02:00Dec 12th, 2018|content regulation, Open for comment, snippets|

[12 December 2018] The Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services has invited stakeholders and interested persons to submit written submissions on the Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill 2018. Submissions must be received by no later than 31 January 2019, with public hearings to be scheduled thereafter. Submissions and enquiries [...]

Presidential Commission on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)

2018-12-12T22:20:44+02:00Dec 7th, 2018|policy, snippets, Uncategorized|

[6 December 2018] Interested parties are invited to nominate candidates to be considered for appointment to the Presidential Commission on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), as announced in the 2018 State of the Nation Address (then 'the Digital Industrial Revolution Commission'). Call for Nominations Presidential Commission on the Fourth Industrial Revolution Concept Document - Presidential [...]

Official list of Regulated Standards for Technical Equipment and Electronic Communications Facilities

2018-11-23T23:13:13+02:00Nov 23rd, 2018|snippets, Type Approval & Labelling|

[23 November 2018] ICASA has published proposed amendments to its official list of regulated standards for technical equipment and electronic communications facilities for comment. Notice of intention to amend the regulations of the official list of regulated Standards for Technical Equipment and Electronic Communications Facilities Submissions are due by 16h00 on 10 January 2018 and [...]

Licence renewals

2018-11-16T07:39:08+02:00Nov 16th, 2018|ICASA, licensing, News, snippets|

[16 November 2018] ICASA has issued a reminder to holders of CECS and CECNS licences to notify the Authority of their intention to continue to provide licensed services. The Notice can be found below, and further details regarding this process can be seen at the following link. Renewal of CECS & CECNS Licences ___ [...]

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