demystifying telecoms law

The central feature of the ellipsis service is the demystification of a complex area of law and its distillation into simple, practical advice.

Industry experience, ongoing involvement in regulatory processes and personal service with an enduring sense of humour are the key elements of the ellipsis offering.


ITU Questionnaires

Sep 6th, 2021|snippets, Uncategorized|

[6 September 2021] ICASA has released  the ITU World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Long Questionnaire 2021. The Long Questionnaire consists of 14 sections and covers the period from January 2020 to December 2020. Licensees are required to submit their responses by 24 [...]


Sep 1st, 2021|frequency, snippets|

Astronomy Geographic Advantage Act - Promulgation - Karoo Central Astronomy Advantage Areas ICASA Media Release on the potential impact of the Astronomy Geographic Advantage Act, 2007 on existing and future frequency spectrum licensees (September 2010) Declaration of Areas to be [...]

ICASA 5G Forum

Jul 25th, 2021|frequency, snippets, Uncategorized|

[25 July 2021] ICASA have published a useful annual report providing an analysis and evaluation of the current status, readiness, and prospects for 5G in South Africa. ICASA 2021 5G Annual Report: The State of 5G in South Africa - [...]


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