National State of Disaster due to COVID-19 – South African Telecommunications Sector

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Telecoms-specific content | Telecoms-specific regulations | Documents and processes needed to provide essential services | General regulations | ICASA and other organisations | Miscellaneous links | Ongoing updates [13 May 2022] Following the termination of the National State of Disaster, ICASA [...]

Ownership and Control of Service Licences

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[14 April 2022] ICASA has published final amendments to the Regulations, which came into force on publication in the Government Gazette on 14 April 2022. Amendment Regulations in respect of the Limitations of Control and Equity Ownership by Historically Disadvantaged Groups (HDGs) and the application of the ICT Sector Code, 2021 __ [1 April 2021] [...]

Financial forecast report

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[13 April 2022] ICASA has published its annual notice requiring licensees to submit their annual forecast of licence fees and USAF contributions. In addition, licensees must submit "a trial balance; detailed management accounts and reconciliations of the trial balance; and a calculation of the forecast of the licence fees and Universal Service and Access Fund [...]

ICASA inquiry into mobile broadband services competition

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[5 April 2022] Final regulations bringing this process to a conclusion were published on 31 March 2022 and came into force on that date. Mobile Broadband Services Regulations 2021 Mobile Broadband Services Regulations 2021 Reasons Document __ [21 July 2021] Public hearings on the Draft Mobile Broadband Services Regulations 2021 will be held on [...]

ICASA Radio Frequency Spectrum Assignment Plans (RFSAPs)

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[5 April 2022] ICASA has published ten draft radio frequency spectrum assignment plans (RFSAPs) for comment: Draft RFSAP 450-470MHz Draft RFSAP 703-733MHz & 758-788MHz Draft RFSAP 733-758MHz Draft RFSAP 791-821MHz & 832-862MHz Draft RFSAP 825-830MHz & 870-875MHz Draft RFSAP 880-915MHz & 925-960MHz Draft RFSAP 1452-1492MHz Draft RFSAP 2300-2400MHz Draft RFSAP 3300-3400MHz Draft RFSAP 3400-3600MHz Written [...]


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[9 May 2022] ICASA presented its Annual Performance Plan for the 2022/23 financial year in Parliament on 3 May 2022. ICASA Annual Performance Plan 2022-23 __ [4 April 2022] ICASA has published its annual review of the South African ICT sector. State of ICT Sector Report March 2022 __ [27 March 2022] The process [...]

ICASA Administrative Fees

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[3 April 2022] Below are links to the ICASA fee adjustments for the government financial year commencing on 1 April 2022. Notice regarding increase in administrative fees relating to service licences March 2022 Notice regarding increase in administrative fees relating to type approval March 2022 Notice in terms of regulation 9A of radio frequency spectrum [...]

High-demand radio frequency spectrum

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[28 March 2022] Telkom has indicated it is pressing ahead with legal action to declare the ITA leading to the now concluded auction unlawful (meaning we would start again). The matter is set down for argument in the High Court from 11-14 April 2022 and we have set out below links to heads of [...]

ICASA Council

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[3 April 2021] ICASA has published several Council decisions for 2020: 3 March 2020 17 March 2020 17 April 2020 24 April 2020 22 May 2020 26 May 2020 9 June 2020 7 July 2020 23 July 2020 28 July 2020 11 August 2020 30 September 2020 20 October 2020 ___ [3 April 2021] ICASA [...]

ICASA December closure

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[15 December 2020] ICASA will be partially closed over the December period with limited business operations available from 17 to 31 December. All ICASA offices will be fully operational from 4 February 2021. Please see the media release below for further details. ICASA Media Release ___ [13 December 2019] ICASA will be closed for the [...]

Inquiry into competition in subscription television broadcasting services

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[7 June 2019] ICASA has extended the deadline for comments on the draft findings in respect of the Inquiry into Subscription Television Broadcasting Services, previously 21 June to 27 August 2019, after acceding to a request by a stakeholder for additional information underpinning the draft findings. Extension Notice ___ [17 April 2019] ICASA has published [...]

ICASA enters into a technical agreement with the Mozambican regulator

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[20 April 2017] ICASA has entered into a technical agreement with the communications regulatory authority of Mozambique. The agreement is aimed at strengthening relations with neighbouring countries to ensure an interference-free provision of communications services as well as collaboration between regulators, and will look to facilitate: Co-operation on the co-ordination, control and management of radio [...]

ICASA quality of service reports

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[7 October 2016] ICASA have published their quarterly Quality of Service reports pertaining to the quality of voice services offered by Cell C, MTN, Telkom and Vodacom in the Limpopo and KwaZulu Natal Provinces. ICASA media release QOS report - Kwazulu Natal QOS report - Limpopo Earlier QOS reports can be found at the following [...]

New political arrangement: Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services + Department of Communications

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[12 August 2016] One of the annexures in the court papers filed by the Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services against ICASA as regards the Invitation to Apply published by the latter, is the Memorandum of Understanding entered into between the Minister of Communications and the Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services setting out the basis [...]

Evaluation Panel for ICASA Council

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[18 July 2016] The Minister of Communications has published a call for nominations for members of an "Evaluation Panel for the ICASA Council" to be established under the provisions of the ICASA Act dealing with performance monitoring. Nominations invited: Evaluation panel for ICASA Council The Panel is to consist of 7 members - one of [...]

Outstanding spectrum licence fees

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[17 November 2015] ICASA has published a notice in various newspapers calling on licensees with outstanding annual radio frequency spectrum licence fees to attend to payment as soon as possible. Newspaper Notice Spectrum Debtors 2 October 2015 There are 21 049 entries in the spreadsheet...

ICASA’s powers to request information during an inquiry

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[23 September 2015] ICASA has published a new form to be used to obtain information when it is conducting an inquiry under section 4B of the ICASA Act. Inquiry Prescribed Form Regulations 2015 Section 4C of the same Act sets out the powers ICASA has to "require from any person such particulars and information as [...]

ICASA and the National Consumer Commission

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[13 July 2015] ICASA and the National Consumer Commission (NCC) have entered into a Memorandum of Agreement which sets out which type of consumer complaints each will deal with in future. Memorandum of Agreement entered into between the National Consumer Commission and the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (July 2015) In broad terms: the NCC [...]

Call Termination Questionnaire June/July 2013

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[17 July 2013] ICASA issued a media release today which (a) extends the deadline for submission of responses to the Call Termination Market Review questionnaire & (b) effects some amendments to the questionnaire. The new deadline for responses to the Call Termination questionnaire is 2 August 2013. The questionnaire has been amended as follows: Information [...]

ICASA online tool for lodging interconnection and facilities leasing agreements and disputes

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[6 January 2013]ICASA has informed us that it is currently in the process of developing a new system for submitting interconnection and facilities leasing agreements and filing interconnection and facilities leasing disputes with the Authority. The new system will feature a web-based application form. According to ICASA, the business goal of the system is "to [...]

ICASA Annual Report: Service Licensing

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The following is derived from the ICASA Annual Report for the period ending 31 March 2011 Registration of Class Licences and Unreserved Postal Services ICASA granted the following licences in the annual reporting period. Licences/Certificate Number of Licences Granted Community Television 6 Class Sound Broadcasting, including community, community low power, community Special Event and Commercial [...]

ICASA Annual Report: Consumer Affairs

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The following is derived from the ICASA Annual Report for the period ending 31 March 2011 Consumer affairs and complaints ICASA handles the resolution of consumer complaints in the sphere of communication services. The following table details the complaints received in the period ending 31 March 2011 Quality of Service complaints QUALITY OF SERVICE Description [...]

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