Rapid deployment of electronic communications facilities

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[9 April 2022] The Presidency has issued an update on progress with Operation Vulindlela, established in October 2020 as a joint initiative of the Presidency and National Treasury to accelerate the implementation of structural reforms. A focus area of the initiative is reducing the cost to communicate and improving the quality of digital communications through: [...]

ICASA Radio Frequency Spectrum Assignment Plans (RFSAPs)

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[5 April 2022] ICASA has published ten draft radio frequency spectrum assignment plans (RFSAPs) for comment: Draft RFSAP 450-470MHz Draft RFSAP 703-733MHz & 758-788MHz Draft RFSAP 733-758MHz Draft RFSAP 791-821MHz & 832-862MHz Draft RFSAP 825-830MHz & 870-875MHz Draft RFSAP 880-915MHz & 925-960MHz Draft RFSAP 1452-1492MHz Draft RFSAP 2300-2400MHz Draft RFSAP 3300-3400MHz Draft RFSAP 3400-3600MHz Written [...]

Rights of licensees to deploy electronic communications networks

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[6 March 2022] The High Court in Grahamstown has again confirmed the limited nature of the rights of electronic communications network service (ECNS) licensees to enter onto public or private land to deploy electronic communications infrastructure without the consent of the landowner, as set out in section 22 of the Electronic Communications Act 36 of [...]

Electronic communications facilities leasing

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[22 August 2020] The High Court has delivered a clear and compelling judgement on electronic communications facilities leasing, a pro-competitive remedy which is critical to allowing access to and sharing of infrastructure. Telkom v ICASA & others 28332_18 The story is well-known: Vodacom had requested access to space in Telkom ducts to deploy fibre alongside [...]

What more can be done to deliver fibre connectivity across South Africa? – Memeburn

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It seems like we hear news of fibre developments every other week, as the likes of MTN, Vodacom, Vumatel and Telkom announce suburbs and projects. There’s no denying that many projects take place in affluent suburbs, but even living in a well-off suburb isn’t a guarantee of fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) connectivity. What can be done to ensure that fibre [...]

City of Cape Town draft Telecommunication Infrastructure Policy

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[28 July 2014] The City of Cape Town is in the process of drafting a Telecommunication Infrastructure Policy which will provide guidance to telecommunications providers and municipal decision-makers as regards the deployment of electronic communications facilities and networks. The City has given notice in terms of Section 17 of the Local Government Municipal Systems Act that [...]

ICASA online tool for lodging interconnection and facilities leasing agreements and disputes

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[6 January 2013]ICASA has informed us that it is currently in the process of developing a new system for submitting interconnection and facilities leasing agreements and filing interconnection and facilities leasing disputes with the Authority. The new system will feature a web-based application form. According to ICASA, the business goal of the system is "to [...]

ICASA Spectrum Fees Workshop – 5 March 2012

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[29 April 2012: updated to provide ICASA presentations made at the workshop: 1 - Spectrum Fee Workshop Agenda 20120305 2 - Spectrum Fundamentals 20120305 3 - ETD Workshop - 05032012 EML prep 4 - Spectrum Fee Payment Process 20120126a 5 - Spectrum Fees 20120305a 6 - IMPLEMENTATION OF THE NEW RADIO FREQUENCY SPECTRUM LICENCE 20120305] [...]

Carrier Select & Carrier Pre-selection

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[29 April 2012] ICASA has published the Code of Conduct for Carrier Pre-Selection Phase 1 in terms of the Carrier Pre-Selection Phase 1 Regulations published on 27 September 2010. The Code of Conduct was signed by the ICASA Chairperson on 18 April 2012 and published in the Government Gazette on 28 April 2012. Carrier Preselection [...]

ICASA LLU Discussion Document

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[September 2011] Below are links to the various submissions made by interested parties in response to the LLU discussion document. Broadband Infraco Cell C Commercial Workers' Union (CWU) Internet Solutions ISPA MTN MWEB MyBroadband Neotel Paul Hjul South African Communications Union (SACU) Telkom Covering Letter, Telkom, Telkom Annexure A Vodacom [June 2011] LLU creaks back [...]

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