ICASA 5G Forum

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[7 October 2023] ICASA will host the third 5G Forum Meeting in Sandton on 11 and 12 October 2023 (09h00 – 17h00 each day). Programme of the 3rd 5G Forum meeting - 2023 Those interested in participaing may send an email to Fifthgeneration@icasa.org.za to request the link for online participation. The CSIR will hold a Stakeholders Brainstorming [...]

ITU Questionnaires

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[20 September 2023] ICASA has released  the ITU World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Long Questionnaire 2023. The Long Questionnaire consists of 14 sections and covers the period from January 2022 to December 2022. Licensees are required to submit their responses by 6 October 2023 to Mr. Vincent Nesengani, Lead Statistician per email: ictindicators@icasa.org.za. Any queries can be [...]

Broadband Access Fund / SA Connect

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[10 September 2023] BBI has issued another request for proposals (RFP) under phase 2 implementation of the Broadband Access Fund (BAF). RFP Internet Service Providers, Fibre Network Operators and Mobile Virtual Network Operators to formal a panel of service providers who can provide subsidised broadband internet connectivity to communities and public Wi-Fi hotspots in [...]

Competition Commission Inquiry into Online Intermediation Platforms

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| 2021 | [31 July 2023] The Competition Commission has published the final Online Intermediary Platform Market Inquiry (OIPMI) Report: Final Report and Decision Summary of final report findings and remedial actions annexure 1: google search, shopping and travel annexure 2: travel and accommodation annexure 3: e-commerce annexure 4: software application stores annexure 5: online [...]

Dynamic spectrum management in South Africa

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[22 May 2023] The deadline for comments on the Discussion Document on Dynamic Spectrum Access and Opportunistic Spectrum Management has been extended from 12 May 2023 to 16h00 on 26 June 2023. Previous submissions may be supplemented or resubmitted as necessary. Notice of Extension ___ [10 April 2023] ICASA has published a Discussion Document on [...]

Domain name management

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| 2019 | 2018 | [16 October 2023] .za Domain Name Authority Annual Report 2022/23 __ [5 February 2023] No sign of the new regulations but ZADNA have published a reasons document setting out considerations informing positions taken in the draft regulations published for comment. Reasons Document Draft .ZA Registry and Registrar Licensing Regulations and [...]

South Africa and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)

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[6 March 2022] The Department of Communications and Digital Technologies updated Parliament on progress with the PC4IR Strategic Implementation Plan on 1 March 2022. Progress update on PC4IR Strategic Implementation Plan (Feb 2022) ___ [8 January 2021] Reflecting on her first 100 days in office, the Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies announced the completion [...]

Digital and Future Skills Strategy for South Africa

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[10 October 2020] Overview Digital and Future Skills Strategy South Africa September 2020 ___ [27 September 2020] The Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies published a final National Digital and Future Skills Strategy for South Africa. National Digital and Future Skills Strategy South Africa 23 September 2020  This Strategy sets out a structured series of [...]

The Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services

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...the story continues Department of Communications and Digital Technologies __ [17 December 2019] The Department provided Parliament with an overview of international ICT agreements entered into with other countries since 2017. DTPS on International ICT Agreements entered into since 2017 __ [8 September 2019] The DTPS presented on its performance for the 4th quarter of [...]

The (new) Department of Communications

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[7 September 2019] The Department of Communications updated Parliament on its progress in implementing its Annual Performance Plan on 3 September 2019. DOC - 2019_20 Quarter 1 Performance Report Presentation __ [7 July 2019] The Department presented its Annual Performance Plan (APP) to the Portfolio Committee for Communications on 3 July 2019. DOC APP Presentation [...]

Broadcasting: Invitation to Apply for MUX 3 capacity

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[3 August 2018] ICASA is inviting applications for the radio frequency spectrum for the purposes of providing a commercial subscription broadcasting service. The successful applicant will be assigned 45% capacity of the third multiplex (MUX3) to provide the service. Invitation to Apply 2018 ICASA Media Release ___ [16 September 2015] ICASA has issued out an Invitation [...]

Ellipsis December 2017 closure

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We will be closed for the week of 25 December 2017, returning 8 January 2018. In the event of an emergency, please contact us at: ellipsis@ellipsis.co.za / 021 701 2512. Have a peaceful and safe holiday season.

ISPs tell mobile networks to open up | TechCentral

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The Internet Service Providers’ Association (Ispa) on Monday called on South Africa’s mobile operators to “embrace the open-access spirit” of government’s national integrated ICT policy white paper by launching “genuine wholesale service offerings”. This, the association said Source: ISPs tell mobile networks to open up | TechCentral

White paper ‘broadly positive’: ISP body | TechCentral

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A body that represents the bulk of South Africa’s Internet service provider community has described government’s national integrated ICT policy white paper as “broadly positive”, but warned against lack of proper implementation. The white paper, which has Source: White paper ‘broadly positive’: ISP body | TechCentral

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