Community Broadcasting

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[13 November 2019] ICASA has issued an invitation to pre-register for community sound broadcasting service and radio frequency spectrum licences. The process will have two phases: Phase 1: Consideration of the applications for pre-registration of a Community Sound Broadcasting Service licence in line with the provisions of the Community Service Broadcasting Regulations. This process will [...]

Inquiry into competition in subscription television broadcasting services

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[7 June 2019] ICASA has extended the deadline for comments on the draft findings in respect of the Inquiry into Subscription Television Broadcasting Services, previously 21 June to 27 August 2019, after acceding to a request by a stakeholder for additional information underpinning the draft findings. Extension Notice ___ [17 April 2019] ICASA has published [...]

Digital sound broadcasting services

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[3 April 2019] ICASA has finalised its inquiry into digital sound broadcasting ("DSB") services in South Africa. Findings Document and Position Paper on the use of Digital Sound Broadcasting in South Africa In short, ICASA supports the introduction of DSB in South Africa and will proceed with setting applicable standards and licensing once the policy [...]

Broadcasting: Invitation to Apply for MUX 3 capacity

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[3 August 2018] ICASA is inviting applications for the radio frequency spectrum for the purposes of providing a commercial subscription broadcasting service. The successful applicant will be assigned 45% capacity of the third multiplex (MUX3) to provide the service. Invitation to Apply 2018 ICASA Media Release ___ [16 September 2015] ICASA has issued out an Invitation [...]

Broadcasting Amendment Bill 2015

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[7 December 2015] As introduced into Parliament by the Minister of Communications on 4 December 2015: Broadcasting Amendment Bill 2015 [B39-2015] ___ [15 November 2015] The Department of Communications has published a notice in the Gazette revealing its intention to introduce a Bill during November to amend the Broadcasting Act of 1999. Explanatory Summary Broadcasting Amendment [...]

Review of Regulation on South African Local Content: Television and Radio

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[30 September 2015] Notice has been given of public hearings to be held regarding the Position Paper and Draft Regulations on South African Local Content: Television and Radio (see lower on for links). The hearings are scheduled for 1 and 2 October 2015. Notice of Public Hearings - Dates and Agenda ICASA Is Convening Public [...]

DoC Broadcasting Policy Review

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[1 December 2014] The deadline for submissions has been extended to 16 January 2015. Notice on DoC website ___ [13 November 2014]  The Department of Communications has called for written proposals on a new review of existing broadcasting policy. Call for Written Proposals on Broadcasting Policy Review November 2014 Minister's Statement on the Broadcasting Policy [...]

ITA for Individual Commercial Free To Air Television Broadcasting Service Licences

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[24 November 2014] The deadline for responses to the ITA has been extended to 31 March 2015. ___ [3 September 2014] ICASA issued an Invitation to Apply for Individual Commercial Free To Air Television Broadcasting Service Licences under section 8 of the Electronic Communications Act on 28 August 2014. Invitation To Apply for Free to Air Television Broadcasting [...]

Promotion of Diversity and Competition on Digital Terrestrial Television Regulations, 2014

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[30 August 2014] The Promotion of Diversity and Competition on Digital Terrestrial Television Regulations, 2014 came into force on publication in the Government Gazette on 22 August 2014. Promotion of Diversity and Competition on DTT Regulations 2014 The Regulations are intended to promote diversity and competition in digital TV and set out how spectrum will be allocated to [...]