[1 December 2014] The deadline for submissions has been extended to 16 January 2015.

Notice on DoC website


[13 November 2014]  The Department of Communications has called for written proposals on a new review of existing broadcasting policy.

Call for Written Proposals on Broadcasting Policy Review November 2014

Minister’s Statement on the Broadcasting Policy Review (external link)

It is not clear why the review has been announced in terms of the Broadcasting Act of 1999 – most of which has been repealed and the balance of which deals with the SABC – instead of the Electronic Communications Act of 2005.

It is also far from clear why this process is to be launched now when broadcasting is already a specific area of focus of the ICT Policy Review Process. The ICT Policy Discussion Document published by the Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services on 14 November 2014 has a specific chapter dealing with broadcasting. More fallout, it seems, from the decision to split the portfolio into two ministries….

Members of the public and industry are requested to submit issues for consideration during this process. Issues for submission can include, but not limited to:

  • Mandate and funding of public broadcasting services;
  • Regulation of broadcasting services;
  • Content of local and national interest;
  • Development of languages through broadcasting services;
  • Broadcasting landscape beyond digital terrestrial television;
  • Institutional arrangements to support the development of the sector;
  • Must carry regulation; and
  • Media development and diversity.

Interested persons are invited to provide written proposals by 12 December 2014, addressed to:

The Minister

Attention: Mr Donald Liphoko

Department of Communications

E-mail: Donaldl@gcis.gov.za