How to protect yourself

  • Take advantage of network options to unsubscribe from WASP subscription services, as per the tables below.
  • Don’t ignore messages saying you are subscribed to a particular service and giving you an option to unsubscribe. If you’re getting “welcome” messages, you’re being billed.
  • Check your cellphone statements for content charges; if you’re on prepaid, monitor your balance.
  • Be mobile-savvy; think twice before entering your cell number and beware of clicking on banners and links without reading the fine print. Many are subscription services, albeit legitimate ones.

How to check for WASP subscriptions

Vodacom Send “Stop All” to 31050 (If you receive a message saying it was unsuccessful, you weren’t subscribed to anything)
MTN Send *141*5#: Select “Content Services”
Cell C Send *133*1#
Telkom Mobile Via the Telkom app: Login > My product > Subscriptions > Content Services

How to block WASP subscriptions

Vodacom Request can be made via customer care (dial 135) or at any Vodacom shop
MTN Relies on double opt-in security measures, which are enabled by default
Cell C Send *133*1#: Select “Block my number” via the menu
Telkom Mobile Via the Telkom app: Login > My product > Manage > Protect Your Mobile Number and set it to ON

Where to direct complaints

If you believe that you have been fraudulently signed up to a subscription service and wish to lodge a complaint, please contact the Wireless Access Service Providers’ Association (WASPA), please see the following link for how best to direct your complaint to WASPA.

Double opt-in

According to WASPA, when a consumer requests to use a WASP service the request is sent through to the network operator, which then sends its own opt-in message to the consumer.

The consumer must then reply with an acceptance message to subscribe, after which the WASP offering the service is notified of the consumer’s confirmation, allowing the WASP to deliver the service as requested.

Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom require a double opt-in for subscription services.