national radio frequency spectrum policy

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[10 June 2024] In readable form... Ellipsis Overview of the Next Generation Radio Frequency Spectrum Policy for Economic Development 2024 __ [28 May 2024] South Africa has a new national radio frequency spectrum policy. Next-Generation Radio Frequency Spectrum for Economic Development 2024 __ [25 February 2024] The Estimate of National Expenditure (ENE) for the DCDT [...]

high-demand radio frequency spectrum

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| 2021 | 2020 | 2019 | 2018 | 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | [4 June 2024] Set out below are links to the original radio frequency spectrum (RFS) licences issued to Vodacom, MTN, Telkom, rain and Liquid Intelligent Technologies (LIT), dated 10 May 2022. Note (1) that there are later, [...]

ICASA Radio Frequency Spectrum Assignment Plans (RFSAPs)

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[4 August 2023] ICASA has published the following final RFSAPs: RFSAP for the frequency band 138 - 144 MHz RFSAP for the frequency band 156.8375 - 174 MHz RFSAP for the frequency band 335.4 - 380 MHz RFSAP for the frequency band 380 - 399.9 MHz RFSAP for the frequency band 406.1 - 410 MHz RFSAP for the frequency band 410 - 430 MHz RFSAP for the frequency band 440 - 450 MHZ


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[11 May 2024] ICASA's Annual Performance Plan for the period 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025 has been made available. ICASA Annual Performance Plan 2024-25 Financial Year ___ [13 April 2024] ICASA has published the State of the ICT Sector Report 2024. The State of the ICT Sector Report 31 March 2024 ___ [...]

zero-rating of mobile content

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[9 May 2024] ICASA has published details of the process under which public benefit organisations (PBOs) – including government departments – can apply for assessment as to whether their mobile content must be zero-rated by the mobile network operators (MNOs). Notice outlining the process for submitting applications for mobile content to be zero rated The [...]

frequency migration regulations and frequency migration plan

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[2 April 2024] ICASA has published proposed amendments to the roadmap for use of radio frequency spectrum for IMT (International Mobile Telecommunications) in South Africa. Draft International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) Roadmap 2024 The deadline for written submissions is 16h00 on Monday 10 June 2024, and these can be emailed to Mr Manyaapelo Richard Makgotlho using [...]

dynamic spectrum management in South Africa

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[26 March 2024] ICASA has finalised its inquiry with the publication of a findings and position paper. Findings and Position Paper into the Implementation of Dynamic Spectrum Access and Opportunistic Spectrum Management ___ [22 May 2023] The deadline for comments on the Discussion Document on Dynamic Spectrum Access and Opportunistic Spectrum Management has been extended [...]

radio frequency spectrum licence fees

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[26 March 2024] We have set out below the new unit price per MHz paired of radio frequency spectrum assigned to a licensee by ICASA, effective 1 April 2024. ICASA Notice regarding the increase of radio frequency spectrum licence fees March 2024 Old fee (ZAR) New fee (ZAR) Unit Price per MHz paired R2 948 [...]

World Radiocommunication Conference

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[18 March 2024] The Department of Communications and Digital Technologies has given notice that it is convening the National Preparatory Working Group (NPWG) to start preparations for South Africa’s participation in the next World Radiocommunication Conference, scheduled for 2027 (WRC-27). Agenda for WRC-27 Provisional Final Acts WRC-23 __ [3 April 2020] The World Radiocommunication Conference [...]

ICASA 5G Forum

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[7 October 2023] ICASA will host the third 5G Forum Meeting in Sandton on 11 and 12 October 2023 (09h00 – 17h00 each day). Programme of the 3rd 5G Forum meeting - 2023 Those interested in participaing may send an email to to request the link for online participation. The CSIR will hold a Stakeholders Brainstorming [...]

Radio Frequency Spectrum Regulations 2015

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[25 May 2023] ICASA has published the Radio Frequency Spectrum Amendment Regulations, 2023. These regulations update Annexure B to the Radio Frequency Spectrum Regulations 2015, which sets out a table of bands and specifications in terms of which radio apparatus may be used or possessed without requiring a radio frequency spectrum licence.  This is often [...]

National Radio Frequency Plan for South Africa

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[29 March 2022] ICASA has finalised the National Radio Frequency Plan 2021. National Radio Frequency Plan 2021 __ [9 July 2021] ICASA has published a new set of draft amendments to the National Radio Frequency Plan (NRFP) for public comment. Draft National Radio Frequency Plan 2021 for Public Consultation Written submissions must be submitted for [...]

Wireless Open Access Network (WOAN)

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[11 March 2022] The Minister of Communications has published draft policy amendments for comment which effectively mean the abandonment of the wireless open access network (WOAN) as a policy intervention. Draft Amendment of Policy on High Demand Spectrum and the WOAN Written submissions can be submitted to The Director-General, Department of Communications and Digital [...]

ICASA inquiry into long-term spectrum outlook

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[26 December 2021] ICASA has issued a notice setting out  its intention to conduct an inquiry into the outlook for spectrum management and usage over the long term. Notice of intention to conduct an inquiry into the long-term spectrum outlook The deadline for submissions is 16h00 on 4 March 2022: these should be submitted to [...]


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Astronomy Geographic Advantage Act - Promulgation - Karoo Central Astronomy Advantage Areas ICASA Media Release on the potential impact of the Astronomy Geographic Advantage Act, 2007 on existing and future frequency spectrum licensees (September 2010) Declaration of Areas to be Core Astronomy Advantage Areas in terms of the Astronomy Geographic Advantage Act, 2007 (August 2010) [...]

E-Band and V-Band spectrum

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[12 December 2020] ICASA has updated the register of links in the self-regulated portion of the E Band. E-Band self-coordinated register March 2020 ___ [16 March 2018] ICASA has updated the register of links in the self-regulated portion of the E Band. E-Band self-coordinated-register-February 2018 ___ [5 September 2017] ICASA has published a first register [...]

Roadmap for International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) in South Africa

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[4 November 2019] ICASA has published an updated IMT Roadmap, 2019, which replaces the version published on 29 March 2019. International Mobile Telecommunications Roadmap 2019 (November 2019) Notice regarding the Final International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) Roadmap, 2019 ___ [29 March 2019] The final IMT Roadmap has been published. A reasons document will be published in [...]

Spectrum Usage & Audits

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[9 August 2019] ICASA have published an updated usage spreadsheet for spectrum over 1GHz. Spectrum Usage Availability Q1 2019 (Excel) ___ [10 October 2016] ICASA has notified the public that it has received an application from TRANSNET SOC Ltd (Transnet), for a radio frequency spectrum licence to use the 1800MHz band centre gap at National [...]

Guide to commonly-used licence-exempt frequency bands in South Africa

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[18 August 2016] ICASA has issued out a notice reminding providers of wireless networks of the need to stay within the defined licence-exempt bands. ICASA further refers to an upcoming crackdown on use of non-licence-exempt bands without the appropriate spectrum licence: from our information it looks like a new monitoring network will be launched shortly [...]

Outstanding spectrum licence fees

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[17 November 2015] ICASA has published a notice in various newspapers calling on licensees with outstanding annual radio frequency spectrum licence fees to attend to payment as soon as possible. Newspaper Notice Spectrum Debtors 2 October 2015 There are 21 049 entries in the spreadsheet...

Assignment of IMT Bands in South Africa

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See further  __ [6 May 2015] ICASA have published Gazettes identifying and rectifying errors in the spectrum assignment plans for IMT bands published last month. These have been inserted in the previous post next to the document they relate to. ___ [2 April 2015] ICASA has published final radio frequency spectrum assignment plans (RFSAPs) [...]

WAPA Future Wireless Technology Forum

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[31 May 2014] The Wireless Access Providers' Association (WAPA) hosted a Future Wireless Technology Forum on Thursday 29 May 2014.  The initial gathering covered technology solutions and related business opportunities in the millimetre wave (mmW) band, with focus on V-Band (60 GHz) and E-Band (70 & 80 GHz). Future discussions will involve emerging technologies such as [...]

Second Digital Dividend – Final Report and Implementation Plan

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[24 April 2014] The Department of Communications has released a final report and implementation plan on the use of the second digital dividend in South Africa. The report was drafted by Deloitte and Touche. Second Digital Dividend Final Report and Implementation Plan April 2014 According to the Report it will form the basis for the [...]

Notice to renew spectrum licences

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[24 February 2014] Reminder that radio frequency spectrum renewal applications must be submitted by the end of February. ___ [27 January 2014] ICASA has extended the deadline for submission of renewal applications to 28 February 2014. ____ [17 January 2014] It is that time of the year again and holders of radio frequency spectrum licences [...]

ICASA warning re use of military frequencies

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[6 August 2013] ICASA has issued a warning to wireless internet service providers to ensure that they do not illegally use the 4 GHz band which is used by the South Africa Air Force. This is pursuant to complaints received "Anyone found to be in possession or operating such equipment outside the licence free band [...]

Updating your spectrum licences

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ICASA have afforded spectrum licensees with an opportunity to ensure that the address and contact details on their licences are up to date. It is an existing obligation on licensees to notify ICASA of any changes in this information within 14 days of the change being effected, so ICASA is essentially saying that it will [...]

Draft Policy Directions on high demand spectrum and the exploitation of the digital dividend

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[31 August 2014] Just a note to confirm that this process was never concluded and should now be regarded as having been abandoned. Updated radio frequency spectrum policy remains outstanding. ___ [1 February 2012] A notice was published in today's Government Gazette extending the period for comment to 29 February 2012. This will no doubt require ICASA [...]

ICASA Spectrum Fees Workshop – 5 March 2012

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[29 April 2012: updated to provide ICASA presentations made at the workshop: 1 - Spectrum Fee Workshop Agenda 20120305 2 - Spectrum Fundamentals 20120305 3 - ETD Workshop - 05032012 EML prep 4 - Spectrum Fee Payment Process 20120126a 5 - Spectrum Fees 20120305a 6 - IMPLEMENTATION OF THE NEW RADIO FREQUENCY SPECTRUM LICENCE 20120305] [...]

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