ICASA 5G Forum

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[6 November 2017] Please see link below for a media statement by ICASA on the inaugural 5G forum meeting, which took place on 1st and 2nd November 2017 in Johannesburg. Media statement: ICASA hosts a successful inaugural 5G Forum Meeting in Sandton, Johannesburg ___ [16 October 2017] ICASA has reinvigorated a previous attempt to create [...]

ICASA Annual Reports

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[31 October 2017] ICASA 2016/2017 Annual Report ___ [19 October 2017] ICASA Presentation Annual Report 2016/17 ___ ICASA has made available their Annual Report for the period ending 31 March 2011. The Report details ICASA's efforts and progress over the last year in the South African regulatory environment. See below for some of the more [...]

E-Band and V-Band spectrum

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[5 September 2017] ICASA has published a first register of links in the self-regulated portion of the E Band. E-Band self-coordinated-register-July 2017 __ [29 April 2017] ICASA has published useful information on use of E-Band spectrum in South Africa in the form of a set of standard operating procedures relating to applying for licenses or [...]

Progress in assignments in 700/800 MHz and 2.6 GHz

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[2 September 2017] ICASA has published for comment a Second Draft Radio Frequency Spectrum Assignment Plan: Rules for Services operating in the Frequency Band from 825 to 830 MHz and 870 to 875 MHz (IMT850). ICASA Draft Radio Frequency Spectrum Assignment Plan 800 MHz 1 September 2017 The deadline for submissions on the Draft Radio Frequency [...]

Update to the National Radio Frequency Plan

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[10 June 2017] The Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services has confirmed that the updated National Radio Frequency Plan has been approved by Cabinet and the updated document is expected to be gazetted by ICASA shortly. ___ [8 February 2017] ICASA's media release and final schedule for the oral presentations are set out below. The [...]

Radio Frequency Spectrum Licence Fees

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[27 March 2017] ICASA has given notice of the annual increase to be implemented in respect of radio frequency spectrum licence fees. Notice in terms of Regulation 9A of Radio Frequency Spectrum Licence Fee Amendment Regulations 2015 Effective 1 April 2016, all radio frequency spectrum licence fees will be increased by 6.4% based on the [...]

Radio Frequency Spectrum Regulations 2015

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[28 November 2016] The amendments to the Radio Frequency Spectrum Regulations 2015 have been finalised and came into force on 22 November 2016. Radio Frequency Spectrum Amendment Regulations 2016 __ [17 June 2016] ICASA have published draft amendments to the Radio Frequency Spectrum Regulations 2015 for public comment: Draft Amendment Radio Frequency Spectrum Regulations 2015 The deadline [...]

Spectrum Usage & Audits

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[10 October 2016] ICASA has notified the public that it has received an application from TRANSNET SOC Ltd (Transnet), for a radio frequency spectrum licence to use the 1800MHz band centre gap at National Ports and Harbours. Transnet intends to use a total of 5MHz of this band in the Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Durban [...]

Guide to commonly-used licence-exempt frequency bands in South Africa

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[18 August 2016] ICASA has issued out a notice reminding providers of wireless networks of the need to stay within the defined licence-exempt bands. ICASA further refers to an upcoming crackdown on use of non-licence-exempt bands without the appropriate spectrum licence: from our information it looks like a new monitoring network will be launched shortly [...]

South Africa at WRC 2015

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[3 April 2016] A release from the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services notes that the 41 person strong SA delegation to WRC 2015 “played a significant role in securing major outcomes for spectrum management to be integrated into national regulatory arrangements over the next 12 months”. Outcomes of WRC-2015 in Geneva, Switzerland Final Acts WRC-15 [...]

Outstanding spectrum licence fees

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[17 November 2015] ICASA has published a notice in various newspapers calling on licensees with outstanding annual radio frequency spectrum licence fees to attend to payment as soon as possible. Newspaper Notice Spectrum Debtors 2 October 2015 There are 21 049 entries in the spreadsheet...

Assignment of IMT Bands in South Africa

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See further https://www.ellipsis.co.za/progress-in-assignments-in-700800-mhz-and-2-6-ghz/  __ [6 May 2015] ICASA have published Gazettes identifying and rectifying errors in the spectrum assignment plans for IMT bands published last month. These have been inserted in the previous post next to the document they relate to. ___ [2 April 2015] ICASA has published final radio frequency spectrum assignment plans (RFSAPs) [...]

Roadmap for International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) in South Africa

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[16 November 2014] ICASA has published the final International Mobile Telephony (IMT) Roadmap and are to be commended for the speed at which they are proceeding (a rare accolade). Final (Draft) IMT Roadmap ICASA simultaneously published a Draft Radio Frequency Spectrum Assignment Plan (RFSAP) for IMT. Draft IMT RFSAP   ICASA press release The Independent Communications Authority [...]

WAPA Future Wireless Technology Forum

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[31 May 2014] The Wireless Access Providers' Association (WAPA) hosted a Future Wireless Technology Forum on Thursday 29 May 2014.  The initial gathering covered technology solutions and related business opportunities in the millimetre wave (mmW) band, with focus on V-Band (60 GHz) and E-Band (70 & 80 GHz). Future discussions will involve emerging technologies such as [...]

National Radio Frequency Spectrum Policy

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[28 May 2014] In one of his last acts as Minister of Communications,  Minister Carrim issued the below statement on broadband radio spectrum policy directives on 23 May 2014. The statement is an attempt at explaining the delays which have bedeviled the release of spectrum for the deployment of access networks in South Africa STATEMENT [...]

Second Digital Dividend – Final Report and Implementation Plan

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[24 April 2014] The Department of Communications has released a final report and implementation plan on the use of the second digital dividend in South Africa. The report was drafted by Deloitte and Touche. Second Digital Dividend Final Report and Implementation Plan April 2014 According to the Report it will form the basis for the [...]

Notice to renew spectrum licences

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[24 February 2014] Reminder that radio frequency spectrum renewal applications must be submitted by the end of February. ___ [27 January 2014] ICASA has extended the deadline for submission of renewal applications to 28 February 2014. ____ [17 January 2014] It is that time of the year again and holders of radio frequency spectrum licences [...]

Frequency Migration Regulations and Frequency Migration Plan

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[22 January 2014] ICASA has published an Invitation to Bid to provide services relating to implementing the digital migration regulations and plan (scroll down for these documents). The full description: Appointment of a service provider to conduct feasibility studies of the frequency band migration based on the frequency band migration Regulation and Plan contained in the [...]

ICASA warning re use of military frequencies

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[6 August 2013] ICASA has issued a warning to wireless internet service providers to ensure that they do not illegally use the 4 GHz band which is used by the South Africa Air Force. This is pursuant to complaints received "Anyone found to be in possession or operating such equipment outside the licence free band [...]

Updating your spectrum licences

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ICASA have afforded spectrum licensees with an opportunity to ensure that the address and contact details on their licences are up to date. It is an existing obligation on licensees to notify ICASA of any changes in this information within 14 days of the change being effected, so ICASA is essentially saying that it will [...]

Draft Policy Directions on high demand spectrum and the exploitation of the digital dividend

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[31 August 2014] Just a note to confirm that this process was never concluded and should now be regarded as having been abandoned. Updated radio frequency spectrum policy remains outstanding. ___ [1 February 2012] A notice was published in today's Government Gazette extending the period for comment to 29 February 2012. This will no doubt require ICASA [...]

ICASA Spectrum Fees Workshop – 5 March 2012

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[29 April 2012: updated to provide ICASA presentations made at the workshop: 1 - Spectrum Fee Workshop Agenda 20120305 2 - Spectrum Fundamentals 20120305 3 - ETD Workshop - 05032012 EML prep 4 - Spectrum Fee Payment Process 20120126a 5 - Spectrum Fees 20120305a 6 - IMPLEMENTATION OF THE NEW RADIO FREQUENCY SPECTRUM LICENCE 20120305] [...]

Draft Spectrum Assignment Plans for the 800MHz and 2.6GHz bands

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[5 March 2012] ICASA has withdrawn this process until further notice and pending the finalisation of the Minister's policy directions. The following submissions were made to the "ghost deadline" of 29 February 2012: AppChat Broadband Infraco CDG Cell C City of Cape Town DBI ETV GSMA Kawuleza MNET MWEB Orbicom Qualcomm Sentech SKA Telkom Vodacom [...]

Recategorisation of Medium-Wave Frequencies

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ICASA has released a reasons document for the recategorisation of medium-wave frequencies. A determination has been made by ICASA so as to provide a regulatory framework of all spare MW radio frequency spectrum within the catergories designated as per the Electronic Communications Act No.36 of 2005. Also given are procedures and criteria for the awarding [...]

ICASA Annual Report: Frequency Issues and Type Approval

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The following is derived from the ICASA Annual Report for the period ending 31 March 2011 Radio Frequency Licensing statistics At 31 March 2011 a total of 46 109 frequency licences for various services were held. Number of licences as at 1 April 2010 New Licenses Cancellations Number of licences as at 31 March 2011 [...]

ICASA's Findings regarding allocation of scarce frequency June 2008

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ICASA have issued out a press release calling for comments on their Findings Document pertaining to the allocation of frequency spectrum where demand outstrips supply. Although it is not clear what status these comments will have (given that they were requested by press release rather than general notice in the Government Gazette) those who want [...]

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