[5 July 2019] ICASA presented its Annual Performance Plan (APP) for the period 1 April 2019 – 31 March 2019 to the Portfolio Committee for Communications on 3 July 2019.

ICASA Presentation APP 2019-20FY 3 July 2019


[1 November 2018] ICASA 2017/2018 Annual Report


[20 September 2018] ICASA is relocating its head office from Sandton to Centurion between 26 and 29 October 2018. The new contact details will be:

Physical Address: 350 Witch-Hazel Avenue, Eco Point Office Park, Eco Park, Centurion, Gauteng
Telephone: 012 568 3000

Letter to stakeholders


[18 August 2018] ICASA has released Guidelines for a Confidentiality Request in terms of s4D of the ICASA Act. It is indicated that this document explains the processes followed by ICASA for s4D confidentiality requests, and it is intended to provide guidance to ICASA staff and inform the public of ICASA’s policies and procedures in this regard. It is specifically stated that the guidelines are not regulations, nor are they legally enforceable, nor do they create any legal rights or impose any legally binding requirements/obligations on ICASA or the public.

The document specifies what information should accompany a request for confidentiality, specifically the identification of the confidential information and a statement/explanation justifying why the information should be treated as confidential. Some guidance is provided for the categories of confidentiality listed in s4D of the ICASA Act.

ICASA may refuse a request for confidentiality where the information is in the public domain or is required to be disclosed by law/court order. Any determination by ICASA to refuse confidentiality must be accompanied by reasons for same, and the applicant is allowed to withdraw the confidential information at that time. While ICASA’s decision on a confidentiality request is final and binding, an applicant may take this decision on review to a court of competent jurisdiction in terms of section 3(5) of the ICASA Act.

The Guidelines include a Form to Request for Confidentiality in terms of Section 4D of the ICASA Act, which is to be completed and submitted to ICASA for all requests for confidentiality in terms of s4D of the ICASA Act.

ICASA Guidelines for confidentiality requests under Section 4D


[6 May 2018] The Minister of Communications has called for nominations for an evaluation panel charged with evaluating the performance of ICASA’s chairperson and councillors and reporting to the National Assembly.

Public nominations for persons to serve as members of the Evaluation Panel for the ICASA Council

Terms of Reference ICASA Evaluation Panel


[19 April 2018] ICASA Presentation: 2018/2019 Annual Report


[31 October 2017] ICASA 2016/2017 Annual Report


[19 October 2017] ICASA Presentation Annual Report 2016/17


[21 May 2012] ICASA Annual Performance Plan 2013-2015

ICASA presented its Annual Performance Plan for the MTEF Period 2013-2015 to the Portfolio Committee on Communications on 17 April 2012. This document sets out ICASA’s strategic objectives and the tasks which it plans to undertake to achieve these.

We have prepared an overview focussing on electronic communications (i.e. not postal services and broadcasting) – Overview of ICASA’s Planned Activities 2013-2015 May 2012.

Obviously this is a plan and there will be slippage, particularly where ICASA is dependent on another player such as the Minister of Communications, finalising its work before ICASA can begin theirs.

Annual Performance Plan for the MTEF Period 2013-2015

Powerpoint Presentation on Annual Performance Plan for the MTEF period 2013-2015 (17 April 2012)


ICASA has made available their Annual Report for the period ending 31 March 2011. The Report details ICASA’s efforts and progress over the last year in the South African regulatory environment.

See below for some of the more noteworthy regulatory statistics from the past year.

Frequency Issues and Type Approval

Legal and the CCC

Service Licensing

Consumer Affairs

Click here for access to the full 2010/2011 report