[4 October 2018] ICASA has published a discussion document soliciting the views of stakeholders as to whether it should play a role in cybersecurity, with specific reference to:

  • Private sector cooperation and industry regulation
  • Capacity building
  • Research and development, and
  • Regulation of cybersecurity standards

Inquiry into the Role and Responsibilities of ICASA in Cybersecurity

ICASA publishes a Discussion Document for public comments on the role and responsibilities of the regulator on cybersecurity matters 

The deadline for comments is 16h00 on 30 November 2018. These should be submitted to Ms Violet Letsiri, Senior Manager: Social Policy for ICT Services, per email vletsiri@icasa,


[31 May 2018] The Cybersecurity Hub of the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services has released a Cyber Readiness report as the starting point of fulfilling a broader mandate set by the National Cybersecurity Policy Framework. The report provides a baseline assessment of South Africa’s cybersecurity readiness and works towards enabling the Hub to coordinate information and provide support in the event of cybersecurity-related incidents.

DTPS Cyber Readiness Report 2017

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