[24 February 2014] Reminder that radio frequency spectrum renewal applications must be submitted by the end of February.


[27 January 2014] ICASA has extended the deadline for submission of renewal applications to 28 February 2014.


[17 January 2014] It is that time of the year again and holders of radio frequency spectrum licences are reminded of their obligation to apply for the renewal of these licences by the end of January 2014. This relates to the extension of these licences for the period 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015. Licences for which no notice of intention to renew is submitted by 31 March 2014 will be regarded as expired and invalid.

Licensees who have changed their contact details such as address and other means of contact are reminded to inform ICASA within fourteen (14) days of the change by completing the relevant form.

ICASA Notice RFS Licence Renewal

Renewal of frequency licences is governed by regulation 9 of the Radio Frequency Spectrum Regulations:

9. Procedures in Respect of Renewals

(1) Renewal of a Radio Frequency Spectrum Licence is performed on an annual basis by payment of the prescribed annual licence fees, except in the case of multi-year licences where the renewal is carried out upon completion of the multi-year licence period.

(2) The licensee must pay the renewal fee within forty (40) working days before the due date.

(3) If the annual Radio Frequency Spectrum Licence fees are not paid by the due date then the Radio Frequency Spectrum Licence will be deemed to have expired on the due date.

(4) An application for renewal of a licence must be – (a) in the format as set out in Form B of Annexure A; and (b) accompanied by the applicable fee.


[14 January 2013] Holders of radio frequency spectrum licences are required to make application to ICASA for the renewal of these licences and to pay their annual licence fees for the period 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2014 by 30 January 2013.

ICASA Spectrum Licence Renewal Notice

A failure to comply with the requirements of this Notice and the Radio Regulations may lead to ICASA regarding your spectrum licences as having expired.