[10 October 2020] Overview Digital and Future Skills Strategy South Africa September 2020


[27 September 2020] The Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies published a final National Digital and Future Skills Strategy for South Africa.

National Digital and Future Skills Strategy South Africa 23 September 2020 

This Strategy sets out a structured series of initiatives intended to contribute to the capacities of South Africans to meet challenges arising from the increasing deployment and adoption of digital technologies and the impact of these on the world of work, education and broader society.

There are 8 interconnected strategy elements, each with associated strategic action points (there are a total of 28 action points). The first 4 strategy elements relate to relationships across government-industry-organised labour-communities-universities-training institutions, while the remaining 4 are cross-cutting.

Vision: A South Africa in which people, economy and society benefit from enhanced levels of digital skills as we move into a digital future, anchored in agility, creativity and problem-solving.

Mission: This Strategy addresses the need for mechanisms to foster digital skills development across South Africa, at early childhood development, schooling and post-school education and training levels, recognising that digital skills are necessary for economic growth, social development and cultural enrichment across all sectors of our society and economy, based on strategy elements to be undertaken by government, in conjunction with a range of stakeholders.

Objectives: to provide –

  • A roadmap for priority digital skills action points: identification, categorisation and guidelines for collectively building a comprehensive range of digital skills. Government and other stakeholders can design their specific action plans pursuant to this broad strategy.
  • A roadmap for stakeholder collaboration: identification of key action points to facilitate stakeholder collaboration.