[17 July 2013] ICASA issued a media release today which (a) extends the deadline for submission of responses to the Call Termination Market Review questionnaire & (b) effects some amendments to the questionnaire.

The new deadline for responses to the Call Termination questionnaire is 2 August 2013.

The questionnaire has been amended as follows:

  • Information relating to SMS (Section B: 2.3), data (Section B: 4.6) and international roaming (Section E: 1.2) has been removed from the questionnaire.
  •  Licensees are not obliged to complete Roaming Agreements (Section E: 1.2) of the questionnaire.
  •  Licensees are also not obliged to complete CST Traffic and Outpayment (Section D: 2 & 3) of the questionnaire.

ICASA Call Termination Questionnaire (as amended 17 July 2013)

Media Release on revised timelines and amended questionnaire for the Call Termination Market Review


[12 June 2006] ICASA has kicked off a further review of wholesale call termination rates with the release of a questionnaire to licensees which is required to be completed and submitted by 26 July 2013.  This is part of ICASA’s Cost to Communicate Programme as announce in early June 2013.

Call Termination Questionnaire 2013

Guideline for 2013 Call Termination Questionnaire

ICASA’s intention is to collect information from licensees as to the status of the market since the implementation of the initial glide path in 2010 glide path, allowing it to assess the necessity for any further regulation of wholesale voice call termination rates in South Africa

The timelines provided by ICASA for the review are as follows:

Activity Timeline
Request for information (questionnaire) 10 June 2013
One-on-One meetings with licensees 1-12 July 2013
Submission of responses from licensees 2 August 2013
Public Hearings 2-3 September 2013
Publication of final call termination regulations 25 October 2013