Update & Monitoring Report Service

The waters of the electronic communications industry in South Africa and associated areas are often muddy and can be fraught with peril, fear, uncertainty and doubt.

To that end, Ellipsis would like to draw your attention to our offer of an Update and Monitoring Report Service, designed to bring clarity to an often misunderstood and yet vitally important sector of industry, the scope of which is as follows:

  • A bi-monthly report which will cover :
    • Proactive monitoring, analysis and reporting on policy issues, Parliamentary proceedings, upcoming legislation, regulation, events and developments relating to the Internet, broadband, ICTs, technology & innovation, privacy, access to info, films & publications and miscellaneous items of interest.
    • Provision of copies of or links to all relevant documents where publicly available.
    • Notification of upcoming events relevant to the above and reporting on past events.
    • Where applicable, analysis of items covered and their possible impact on the ecosystem.
  • Ad hoc notifications in respect of events where a short notice period is provided and in respect of items judged to be critical.
  • Ellipsis specialises in telecommunications and Internet policy and regulatory issues and the monitoring and analysis to be provided falls within these areas.

An example report can be found here Update and Monitoring Report [Example]

An initial (non-billable) (remote or in person) meeting is suggested prior to the service being taken up, to ensure a shared understanding of the areas of interest, and the service includes a remote meeting once per month to refine the focus of the above.

Should this be of interest to you, please indicate your interest to dominic@ellipsis.co.za and a formal quote will be provided.