Type approval: confiscated equipment

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[4 September 2018] ICASA has given notice that all equipment confiscated by ICASA inspectors in the period 2000 - June 2018, and that cannot be type approved as envisaged by section 35 of the ECA, will be disposed of. Any party who has had equipment confiscated is being provided the opportunity to motivate for why [...]

Type Approval Regulations 2013

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[2 April 2017] ICASA has published a regulatory position statement to conclude the inquiry into equipment type approval exemption. Regulatory position on equipment type approval exemption 31 March 2017 The Authority’s position is set out as follows: Based on the International Benchmarking Study, written and oral representations from stakeholders, the Authority has taken the following [...]

Official list of Regulated Standards for Technical Equipment and Electronic Communications Facilities

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[11 September 2015] ICASA has published final regulations updating the list of technical standards for technical equipment and electronic communications facilities. Revised official list of Regulated Standards for Technical Equipment and Electronic Communications Facilities These Revised Official List came into force on 9 September 2015. ______ [22 April 2013] ICASA has given notice  in terms of [...]

Line Maintenance Organisation (LMO) licensing no longer required

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[27 August 2013] Suppliers and installers of PABXs and other terminating equipment should note that the requirement to apply for and maintain an LMO licence is no longer in force. ICASA has advised in the "Reasons Document in Respect of Type Approval Regulations, 2013 and Labelling Regulations, 2013",  that with the repeal of the Enactment [...]

Labeling Regulations 2013

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[27 August 2013] ICASA has finalised this process with the publication of a new set of regulations, which came into force on 26 August 2013. Labelling Regulations, 2013   [22 April 2013] As an accompaniment to the process to develop new Type Approval Regulations ICASA is also revising the regulations which govern the labeling of [...]