[10 September 2023] ICASA will host a workshop on its Designated Certification Bodies (DCB) Programme at its head office in Midrand from 10h00-14h00 on 26 September 2023.

ICASA Invitation to workshop in relation to Equipment Authorisation Certification Process

The ICASA DCB Programme outlines the requirements needed for a certification body to become a designated certification body in accordance with the Equipment Authorisation Regulations 2022, developed to implement the Conformity Assessment Framework for Equipment Authorisation (“CAFEA”) published in 2020. A designated certification body will assist the Authority with the certification application process as provided for in regulation 8 of the Regulations.

Enquiries should be directed to Mr. Lumkile Qabaka (Project Manager): LQabaka@icasa.org.za.


[15 May 2023] ICASA has released the list of RF Type Approved Equipment for 2023:

RF Type Approved Equipment, 2023


[26 September 2022] ICASA has published a notice prohibiting the usage and sale of the BaoFeng, Model Number: UV-5R radio until a decision is made on the compliance status of the unit. This is due to the radio having continuous tuning capabilities, leading to radio frequency interference. 

Baofeng Radio General Notice


[3 April 2022] ICASA has published final Equipment Authorisation Regulations together with a reasons document.

Equipment Authorisation Regulations 2021

Equipment Authorisation Regulations 2021 Reasons Document 

The new Regulations will come into force on a future date determined by ICASA.


[11 April 2021] Following its review of the current type approval framework, ICASA has published draft Equipment Authorisation Regulations 2021 for public comment:

Draft Equipment Authorisation Regulations 2021

Written submissions are due by 16h00 on 17 May 2021. These can be sent to lqabaka@icasa.org.za for the attention of Mr Lumkile Qabaka.


[25 March 2020] ICASA has given notice of the annual increase to be implemented in respect of type approval administrative fees. The new fees will be effective from 1 April 2020 and will increase by 4.1% based on the average Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Notice regarding the increase of administrative fees in relation to type approval 2020


[17 July 2019] ICASA has released the list of RF Type Approved Equipment for Q1 2019.

RF Type Approved Equipment, Q1 2019


[12 April 2019] ICASA has released the list of RF Type Approved Equipment  for 2018:

RF Type Approved Equipment, 2018


[19 March 2019] ICASA has scheduled public hearings in respect of the Draft Conformity Assessment Framework for Equipment Authorization, which will be held on 25 March 2019 at ICASA’s head office in Centurion.

ICASA Media Release: Public Hearings

Public Hearings: Schedule

Public Hearings: Notice


[31 January 2019] ICASA has extended the deadline for comments on the Draft Conformity Assessment Framework for Equipment Authorization to 28 February 2019 (previously 30 January 2019).

ICASA Media Release


[14 December 2018] ICASA has published a Draft Conformity Assessment Framework for Equipment Authorization which seeks to review and modernise the manner in which electronic communications equipment is assessed and authorised. This follows on from the Position Paper on Equipment Type Approval Exemption published on 31 March 2017 (see below).

The Draft Conformity Assessment Framework for Equipment Authorization

Written representations are due by 16h00 on 30 January 2019, and can be emailed for the attention of Mr. Lumkile Qabaka, LQabaka@icasa.org.za.

According to the executive summary:

The objective of this document is to propose a more robust multilateral Conformity Assessment Framework with relevant criteria, that is responsive and adaptive to advancing information, communication and technology (ICT) developments, and achieving regulatory objectives in line with the Electronic Communications Act.


[2 April 2017] ICASA has published a regulatory position statement to conclude the inquiry into equipment type approval exemption.

Regulatory position on equipment type approval exemption 31 March 2017

The Authority’s position is set out as follows:

Based on the International Benchmarking Study, written and oral representations from stakeholders, the Authority has taken the following position in relation to exemption of equipment from Type Approval:

8.1  No exemption will be granted on the basis of the type of equipment. The Authority considers such exemption to be pre-mature at this stage and has the potential of possibly yielding irreversible unintended consequences.

8.2  The Authority will develop a framework for the exemption of equipment operating under the circumstances included but not limited to those listed in Table 1 below.

Table 1: Circumstances

Equipment Category Description
Systems and equipment used for the production and distribution of broadcast and content services All equipment in studios and production facilities that interfaces with the production environment and is under the control and operated by engineering professionals.
Test and measurement equipment Any test and measurement equipment used by professionals and engineers of a licensed entity in the provision of telecommunications or broadcast services
satellite communications equipment for temporal and/or limited area use only
Equipment for research and development in a laboratory environment
Equipment for demonstrations of prototypes and testing
Equipment for sample testing, demonstrations and field trials.
Equipment for demonstrations and exhibition.
Equipment for operations of specialised agencies
Equipment for maritime or aeronautical operations
Radio telescope receivers, calibration and test equipment.
Radio telescope array and radio astronomy facilities
Amateur radios Radiocommunication services for the purpose of self-training, intercommunication and technical investigations carried out by amateurs on a non-commercial basis.
Equipment used by Government Services Used for national security and defence networks.
Equipment produced or imported for the purposes of exporting. Not for use in South Africa
Spare parts, components to be used for repairs Provided such part is used in a certified product

8.3  The Authority will consider entering into and amending MoUs with relevant regulatory bodies such as, but not limited to: CAA, SAMSA, NRCS to alleviate regulatory burden to affected stakeholders.

8.4  The Authority shall embark on the process of reviewing the current Type Approval Framework and work towards a multi-level Conformity Assessment Framework based on the relevant criteria to deal with equipment intended to be made available commercially in the South African market. The broader framework will incorporate the circumstances under which MRA’s may be entered into and provide for robust market surveillance activities.


[9 December 2016] ICASA has scheduled public hearings on its review of equipment type approval for 14 December 2016.

Equipment Type Approval Exemption Discussion Document Public Hearings


[28 September 2016] ICASA has requested written representations  on its Discussion document on Equipment Type Approval Exemption.

Discussion Document on Equipment Type Approval Exemption

Representations must be submitted to Mr. Lumkile Qabaka (The Project Leader), lqabaka@icasa.org.za, by no later than 16h00 on 02 December 2016.

The purpose of the Discussion Document is to solicit inputs on:

  • The types of equipment, electronic communications facilities and radio apparatus, the use of which does not require approval where such equipment, electronic communications facilities and radio apparatus has been approved for use by the European Telecommunications Standards Associations or other competent standards body where the equipment complies with Type Approval; and
  • The circumstances under which the use of equipment, electronic communications facilities, radio apparatus and subscriber equipment does not require approval, including uses for research and development, demonstrations of prototypes and testing.


[30 March 2016] Citing an increase in workload ICASA has published two notices regarding the extension of type approval application processing timelines from 15 to 30 working days and a 4.6% increase in the administrative fees that are levied. The increase is based on CPI and will take effect from 1 April 2016.

Guidelines Type Approval Framework: Duration for processing

Guidelines Type approval Framework: Increase of administrative fees


[12 January 2016] ICASA has published a media release concerning the suitability of the Mobile Manufacturers Forum’s (MMF) industry code for use within the context of e-labelling type approved mobile devices.

Whilst the release confirms that the industry code complies with the Labelling Regulations published in 2013, it does not clarify whether parties applying for the type approval of mobile devices are required to seek ICASA’s permission before implementing the industry code’s e-labelling framework.

Full text:


ICASA considers the Mobile Manufacturers Forum’s industry Code on E-labelling

24 December 2015

Johannesburg – The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (“ICASA”) published the Labelling Regulations (the “Regulations”) in the Government Gazette in 2013, the purpose of which is to specify the labelling requirements for all approved equipment.

Sections 3(4) of the Regulations provides that in an instance where the equipment suppliers deem it infeasible to affix the physical label on the device, a written request for an alternative method must be submitted to ICASA for assessment.  

The Mobile Manufacturers Forum (MMF) submitted its industry code which provides a consistent framework for the use, placement and content of electronic compliance labels (E-Labelling) used within mobile and or wireless communications devices.

E-Labeling provides an electronic representation of a compliance mark that is embedded in the device operating software. The electronic mark is difficult to replicate, and can be easily retrieved from the device settings or by dialing a short code.

ICASA confirms that the MMF industry code complies with the Regulations.



[27 August 2013] This process has now been finalised and the new Type Approval Regulations came into force on 26 August 2013.

Type Approval Regulations, 2013

[18 April 2013] ICASA has decided to hold another round of public consultation and released a second draft of the Draft Type Approval Regulations 2013. Comment is due by 16h00 on 10 May 2013.

Second Draft Type Approval Regulations 2013

[10 February 2013] ICASA has published a long-overdue overhaul of the type approval regime in order to bring it into line with the provisions of the Electronic Communications Act 36 of 2005. Type approval of electronic communications equipment and facilities is one of the basic compliance obligations set out in the legislation governing electronic communications. The historical rationale of the requirement is the protection of the quality of networks by ensuring they are not damaged or interfered with by inferior equipment or equipment that does not comply with specified technical standards.

Draft Type Approval Regulations 2013

Submissions are due by 16h00 on Friday 22 February 2013.

We have prepared a lighter version:

Overview Draft Type Approval Regulations 2013