[23 July 2021] The Department of Communications and Digital Technologies is considering submissions received on the proposed policy and well as input received at a colloquium held online on 18 June 2021. The Deputy Minister in her Budget Speech noted that the intention was to submit a finalised policy to Cabinet for approval by the end of March 2022.

The Department does not publish written submissions, the below have been made publicly available by their authors.

Research ICT Africa



Stellenbosch University

Free Market Foundation

The Global Data Alliance


[14 May 2021] The deadline for comments on the Proposed Data and Cloud Policy has been extended to 1 June 2021

Extension of invitation to submit written submissions on proposed National Data and Cloud Policy


[3 April 2021] The Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies has published a Proposed Data and Cloud Policy for comment

Proposed Data and Cloud Policy (1 April 2021)

Comments are due by Tuesday 18 May 2021 and may be submitted by

The document sets out the context of a rapidly-digitising world and proposes policy interventions across the areas listed below to facilitate South Africa’s constructive participation in this world:

  • Digital Infrastructure;
  • Access to Data and Cloud Services
  • Data Protection
  • Competition and trade;
  • Cybersecurity measures;
  • Localisation and cross border data transfer;
  • Governance and institutional mechanisms;
  • Skills and capacity development;
  • Research and innovation; and
  • Human capacity development.