[13 April 2013] It is easy to get a bit confused about what exactly is happening with SA electronic communications policy, so the Department of Communications has published an outline of the ICT Policy Review Process to shed some light on the matter.

Outline of the ICT Policy Review Process April 2013

In April 2012, the Minister of Communications launched a process to review the information and Communications Technology (ICT) policies. To this end a National. ICT Policy Colloquium was held on the 13th and 20th April 2012. The review is initiated to examine the policy and regulatory frameworks that apply to telecommunications, broadcasting, postal and e-commerce and will lead to an adoption of a White Paper on Integrated ICT Policy Framework for South Africa.  An ICT Policy Panel has been appointed to assist the Minister with this process and the below table was finalised in consultation with this Panel.


Milestone Description Key Deliverables Action Steps
Framing Paper issued to initiate the public participation [process] and focussed on policy ends.
  • The Framing Paper will measure the current policy objectives, the extent of their achievement and relevance for the future, thereby assisting the panel in setting new policy objectives for the integrated ICT Policy.
  • Public launch of the Policy review process Outline Document published
  • Framing Paper Published (April 2013)
  • Review and align current policy objectives to determine their extent of implementation, relevance and usefulness
  • Outline the Policy Review Process
  • Initiate public participation on the Framing document


(a)    Framing Paper Submissions close
  • Public submission on key objectives of the ICT sector (April – June 2013)
  • Public submission on Framing Paper closes
ICT Sector Review Report
  • ICT Sector Report on Telecommunications, Broadcasting, e- Commerce and Postal Published (August 2013)
  • ICT Sector Review report launche
ICT Policy Draft Green Paper commences
  • The Green Paper will lay out policy options; facilitating input and dialogue to obtain greater preference in policy whilst fostering greater public participation in the policy making discourse.


  • Draft Green Paper Published (October 2013)
  • Draft on key subject matters
  • Framing submissions;
  • Public discussions;
  • Research findings.
  • Finalisation of Draft Green Paper
(a)    Public Consultations
  • Public consultation of Green Paper
  • Collation of public views on key issues;
  • Meeting with public and stakeholders.
(b)   Discussion Paper
  • Discussion Paper published
  • Summation/Analysis Documenting and Aligning of key public inputs to framing objectives and Government policies;
  • Presentation of draft discussion document;
  • Presentation of International Benchmarking;
  • Review and finalisation of the discussion document by the Panel;
  • Release of the discussion document by Panel members


  1. ICT White Policy Paper


  • The White Paper will be futuristic, taking into account greater technology and services convergence mainly for ensuring universal access and universal service to all South Africans
  • Draft White Paper issued as recommendations to the Minister (March 2014)
  • Consolidating policy documents outlining approaches, choices, model structures and institutions including roles and responsibilities for the development of the Integrated ICT sector in South Africa.