See further Numbering Plan Regulations 2016.

[16 October 2014] ICASA has issued a notice extending the deadline for compliance with those provisions of the Numbering Plan Regulations 2012 relating to the implementation of new frameworks for the implementation of toll-free, premium-rated and machine-related services.

Extension for compliance with toll free, premium rated, machine related services requirements of Numbering Plan Regulations

  • The deadline for compliance with regulation 24 (toll-free services) as well as regulation 25 (premium-rated services) is extended to 31 July 2015; and
  • The deadline for compliance with regulation 26 (machine-related services) is hereby extended to 31 December 2015.

According to the notice, the above extensions have been granted after extensive ongoing engagements with stakeholders. The Authority has thus deemed it advisable to extend the compliance deadline to ensure seamless implementation and minimal disruption to services.


[5  September 2013] The deadline has been extended to 18 September 2013.


[26 August 2013] ICASA has given notice in terms of regulation 24 of the Numbering Plan Regulations 2012 that it intends to develop a supporting implementation framework for toll-free services (080 numbers). A toll-free services is defined in these Regulations as “a service such that for every communication made available, no charge is incurred by the caller, irrespective of the electronic communication network used in originating the communication”.

ICASA has called for written proposals and submissions to assist in carrying out this intention. The outcomes of the current industry-driven process around toll-free numbers will be regarded as a submission in respect of this process.

Proposals / submissions may include (but are not limited to):

  • interconnection considerations
  • possible charging models
  • inter-operator considerations
  • consumer protection considerations
  • considerations for social and commercial use of toll-free numbers

Proposals / submissions are due by no later than 16h00 on 9 September 2013 and should be sent to