[10 November 2014] We are informed that the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services handed over the doc.gov.za domain to the new Department of Communications effective 7 November 2014. Nominations should accordingly be sent to eadom@dtps.gov.za / zsibiya@dtps.gov.za.


[3 November 2014] The Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services has invited the public to submit nominations for members to serve on the ICT B-BBEE Charter Council. In a nod to the fast pace of progress in Pretoria, the Minister has simultaneously withdrawn the previous invitation for nomination to service on the Council, published on 15 October 2012.

Invitation to Nominate Members of the ICT B-BBEE Charter Council

Nominations are due by 3 December 2014 and must set out:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Full name(s)
  • Identity number
  • Physical and postal addresses
  • Telephone and facsimile numbers
  • E-mail address
  • Organisation being represented with the nominations; and
  • Signature of representative person of organisation nominating and the person nominated.

Membership of the Council will consist of representatives of the following stakeholders:

  • each from the four ICT sub-sectors namely, Broadcasting, Electronics, Information Technology and Telecommunications
  • relevant Government Departments that interface with the ICT sector to be appointed by the relevant Ministers
  • organized Labour Federation or Trade Unions
  • NEDLAC and
  • members from bodies representing persons with disabilities,women and/or youth participating in the ICT sector

Terms of Reference for the ICT Sector Charter Council

Nominations should be addressed to

Mr. Ephraim Adom: Director: Regulatory Impact Assessment
Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services
telephone number: 012 427 7207/8129