The Number Portability Company (the NPC) has provided the following direction on how to register and attain accreditation with it for Geographic Number Porting (GNP) by ECNS licensees.

How to register and gain accreditation for GNP

Stage in the process



Provide company documentation to the NPC

Registered company name.

Company registration and VAT numbers.

Full Physical and postal addresses.


Provide the NPC with a copy of your number ranges (both
geographic and non-geographic) and routing code (DXXX) authorities


Sign the standard Non-Disclosure Agreement

Standard Agreement received from the NPC.


Confirm the type of connectivity your company will be utilising:
SOAP, WebGUI or SFTP connection

Full SOAP is a fully automated online porting system.

WebGUI is a partial semi-automated service.

SFTP connection allows for daily
download of numbers.


Return the completed Geographic Number Portability Connection Agreement that you will enter into with the NPC

Standard Agreement received from the NPC.

5 Receive the relevant technical documentation from the NPC

Training Manual

Systems Administrator Guide

Participant User Guide

Number Porting Process Flow

Interface Specification

NPC FTP Connection Guide


Complete an internal “self test”

This is an internal porting test with a dummy operator to show the company’s ability to handle the porting process.


Complete an inter-operator test

An external porting test with Telkom SA. Both Telkom and your company must confirm they are satisfied with the
results of the test.


Porting goes live

At this stage the monthly subscription
and porting fees become payable


Please visit the Number Portability Company’s website for more information.