[17 July 2013] The extension of the deadline to 29 July 2013 is now official as per an ICASA media release issued this morning.

Media Release on revised timelines and amended questionnaire for the Call Termination Market Review (.doc)


[15 July 2013] ICASA have provided us with a verbal indication that the deadline for responses to the Broadband Value Chain Request for Information will be extended to 29 July 2013. This will, we are told, be made official on 16 July 2013.


[17 June 2013] ICASA has released a Broadband Value Chain Request for Information which is to be completed by licensees. The deadline for responses is 15 July 2013, and the RFI forms part of the ICASA Cost to Communicate Programme launched on 4 June 2013.

BB Value Chain RFI (.xls)

BB Value Chain RFI Questionnaire (.doc)

BB Value Chain RFI Guidelines

Broadband Value Chain Media Release

ICASA has commissioned a study of the Electronic Communications Network and Services Value Chain of the South African Electronic Communications Industry, which is intended to

  • define the broadband value chain,
  • identify where, along the value chain, there is ineffective competition,
  • propose potential remedies to address this ineffective competition, thereby providing the Authority with the necessary information to draft regulations in terms of section 67(4) of the Electronic Communications Act (EC Act).

ICASA’s intended timelines for the process are set out below:

Project Timelines

Implementation Period

Request For Information

14 June 2013 -15 July 2013

Release Discussion Document public comment

19 August 2013

Public Hearing

5 September 2013

Publish Findings Document

1 November 2013

Release Draft Regulations for public comment

10 December 20

Publish Final Regulations

14 April 2014

Any enquiries in relation to the RFI should be directed to:-

Christian Mhlanga on (011) 566 3637 or cmhlanga@icasa.org.za and Pumela Cokie on

(011) 566 3693 pcokie@icasa.org.za