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Below are links to information on numbering resources in South Africa and how these are accessed and managed.

Geographic Number Porting Process

November 11th, 2011|Numbering, snippets|

The Number Portability Company (the NPC) has provided the following direction on how to register and attain accreditation with it for Geographic Number Porting (GNP) by ECNS licensees. How to register and gain accreditation for [...]

Numberless SIMs

April 30th, 2011|Numbering, snippets|

In order to "promote efficient use of numbers by operators and to eliminate potential misuse of numbers in the distribution channel such as retail stores", ICASA, after due consultation with affected licensees, has decided to [...]

Geographic Number Portability (GNP)

March 11th, 2011|Numbering|

This page is intended as a dedicated resource for regulatory documents relating to Geographic Number Portability (GNP), which was fully implemented in South Africa on 26 April 2010. From this date it became possible to [...]

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