[28 December 2012] ICASA published a notice on 19 December 2012 calling on licensees which it had not responded to its prior informal requests to provide proof of compliance with their obligations to pay annual licence fees and the required contribution to the Universal Service and Access Fund (USAF). Those licensees listed in the schedule to the notice are required to provide information with respect to proof of payment of the USAF contribution and annual licence fees as well as to confirm that they have submitted annual financial statements. This exercise must be done in respect of each financial year from the date on which the licensee was first granted a licence up to and including the 2011/2012 financial year.

The notice specifies seven working days within which to respond, i.e. 2 January 2013. The notice states that failure to respond will result in the licensee being referred to the Complaints and Compliance Committee (CCC) for noncompliance.

ICASA Notice on submission of annual financial statements, licence fees and USAF contributions

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