Holders of class and individual electronic communications network service (ECNS) and electronic communications service (ECS) licences  are obliged to pay 0.2% of their annual turnover derived from the provision of licensed services as a contribution to the Universal Service and Access Fund (USAF) as set out in the USAF Regulations 2011.

The USAF Regulations require licensees to pay an annual contribution of 0.2% of annual turnover derived from the licensee’s licence activity to the USAF. This also applies to revenue derived from selling additional capacity under a private electronic communications network (PECN) exemption.

Payment of the USAF Contribution is due within six months’ of a  licensee’s financial year end. Penalties and interest apply to late payments.


USAF Regulations 2011

Into force: 10 February 2011


We have prepared an advisory on calculating your USAF regulations which is available on request.


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