[4 April 2021] The Department of Communications and Digital Technologies has formally requested Parliament to commence the process of ratifying the Final Acts of the World Radiocommunication Conference 2019 (WRC-19). These Final Acts constitute amendments to an international treaty to which South Africa is a party – the Convention of the International telecommunication Union (ITU) – and therefore need to be approved by both houses of Parliament and Cabinet.

Once the necessary approvals are in place, ICASA will finalise updating the National Radio Frequency Plan (NRFP) – essentially a map of what different spectrum bands can be used for – to align it with the WRC-19 Final Acts and request that the Minister approve the updated NRFP.

DCDT Presentation on Ratification of WRC-19 Final Acts 10 March 2021

Media Statement Communications Committee to Consider Ratification of WRC-19 Strategic Outcomes

This process is repeated after each WRC takes place – usually every 4 or 5 years – to ensure that the allocation of frequencies in South Africa is aligned with that of our neighbours and global allocations.


[28 May 2018] ICASA has published the National Radio Frequency Plan 2018.

Media release


[10 June 2017] The Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services has confirmed that the updated National Radio Frequency Plan has been approved by Cabinet and the updated document is expected to be gazetted by ICASA shortly.


[8 February 2017] ICASA’s media release and final schedule for the oral presentations are set out below. The hearings will be held from 9-10 February 2017 at the ICASA head office.

Media release

Final schedule of oral presentations


[7 February 2017] Submissions received in response to ICASA’s invitation to comment on the draft update to the National Radio Frequency Plan 2017 are set out below. The final schedule of oral presentations can also be found at the following link.


[6 February 2017] The public hearings have been scheduled for 9-10 February 2017, further details of which can be found in the programme below:

Link to schedule of oral presentations

[23 January 2017] The date for written representations has been extended to 16h00 on Friday, 3 February 2017, with the public hearings provisionally scheduled for 9-10 February 2017.

Link to Notice


[9 December 2016] ICASA has published a draft update to the National Radio Frequency Plan 2013 for public comment. The purpose of the update is to ensure that the Plan is aligned with resolutions taken at the World Radiocommunication  Conference 2015.

Draft National Radio Frequency Plan 2017

Written representations must be submitted by no later than 16h00 on Friday, 27 January 2017, with public hearings provisionally scheduled for 2-3 February 2017. Submissions and queries should be directed to Mr Manyaapelo Richard Makgotlho, rmakgotlho@icasa.org.za.


Process completed: National Radio Frequency Plan 2013


[1 March 2013] Submissions received in response to ICASA’s invitation to comment on the draft update to the National Radio Frequency Plan are set out below. This process should be viewed in the context of the draft Frequency Migration Plan.


[6 February 2013] Deadline for submission of comments extended to 15 February 2013.


[28 December 2012] ICASA published a draft Update to the National Radio Frequency Plan 2012 (NRFP) on 24 December 2012.

Comment is due by 16h00 on 8 February 2013.

Draft Update National Radio Frequency Plan 2012 (5.24MB)

In an accompanying press release ICASA stated that the purpose of the review is to ensure that the NRFP reflects the final acts of the recent World Radio Conference of 2012 (WRC 12); is aligned with the latest version of the International Telecommunication’s Radio Regulations; and consistent with the Southern African Development Community Frequency Allocation Plan (SADC FAP).

“This process is, among others, aimed at reviewing the existing NRFP to ensure that spectrum allocations reflect the usage of the radio frequency spectrum until the next WRC in 2015. The review will also be carried out parallel with the Frequency Migration Plan (FMP) process which is aimed at addressing the frequency migrations identified during the evolution of the earlier national radio frequency plans starting with SABRE 1 of 1997 through to the requirements, following the ITU’s World Radio Conferences including the WRC 12.

In addition, the Authority will, on Monday 24 December 2012, publish second Draft Frequency Migration Plan which has taken into consideration the comments made in the initial submissions, public hearings and supplementary submissions. It also includes the framework for the development of the ‘Spectrum Assignment Plan’ on the implementation of specific bands earmarked for migration and those identified in the future National Radio Frequency Plan.”