Licence Exemptions

We have prepared a guide to the various service licence exemptions created under the ECA and captured in the ICASA Licence Exemption Regulations, 2008. Service licence exemptions apply where an ECS or ECNS provider operates under a set of factual circumstances bringing it within the ambit of one of the regulated exemptions and where operation within the exemption has been registered with ICASA. There are also “network” exemptions under which certain types of network may be operated without an ECNS licence – these include local area networks (LANs and WLANs) as well as networks used primarily for the internal purposes of the network owner.

Download the ellipsis Guide to Service Licence Exemptions under the ECA


Regulations regarding Licence Exempt Electronic Communications Networks, Electronic Communications Network Services and Electronic Communication Services in terms of section 6 of the Electronic Communications Act 36 of 2005 (29 July 2008).

There is no fee for registering a licence exemption and the correct form is Form M to the Process and Procedure Regulations.

Form M – Licence Exemptions Services and Networks