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Scary new Internet censorship law for South Africa

Oct 20th, 2015|

Ellipsis director and regulatory expert Dominic Cull highlighted that it is not significant that the bill has been approved by Cabinet.“The debate only begins when the bill is introduced in Parliament,” said Cull. “Don’t expect the bill to look the same coming out as it did going in.”Cull said the process of drafting an online content regulation policy will essentially start [...]

‘Just dump SA digital TV migration’ | Fin24

Jul 14th, 2015|

South Africa's adoption of digital terrestrial television (DTT) should be carefully evaluated and perhaps even dumped, says an industry insider. Source: 'Just dump SA digital TV migration' | Fin24

Consumers get a bigger voice in telecoms – EE Publishers

Jun 1st, 2015|

Consumers have been battling with high telecommunications and broadband prices for years, and despite some regulatory interventions, not much has changed. While a few consumers may take the time to get involved in the regulatory process, they don’t have access to high-level legal expertise to effectively fight for consumer rights. This is set to change. has partnered with Ellipsis [...]

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