Digital Migration

ICASA’s final regulations relating to digital migration and the dual illumination period.

ICASA Digital Terrestrial Television Regulations 2009

There is also an accompanying ICASA Position Paper DTT July 2009 and a separate Statement on DTT Regulations and Mobile TV Licensing.

After finalising the DTT Regulations ICASA proceeded to publish the Second Draft Terrestrial Broadcasting Frequency Plan for comment.

While the Plan has obvious importance for the broadcasting community it also covers the digital dividend – an area which should be of great interest to providers of broadband networks in South Africa.

We have split up the document for ease of downloading. The full 172 page document may or may not be available on

Draft Second Terrestrial Broadcasting Frequency Plan July 2009
Annexure A: VHF/FM Frequency Assignments
Annexure B: VHF/FM Self-Help Frequency Assignments
Annexure C: MW Frequency Assignments
Annexure D: Television Frequency Assignments
Annexure E: Television Self-Help Frequency Assignments
Annexure F: DTT Frequency Networks
Annexure G: Mobile DTT Frequency Networks
Annexure H: Proposed Frequency Changes
Annexure I: Digital Planning Parameters