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One of the central challenges facing South Africa is building an inclusive digital society and ensuring that electronic communications play an optimal role in addressing socio-economic challenges.

National Broadband Policy 2013 – South Africa Connect: Creating Opportunities, Ensuring Inclusion

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[21 February 2014] The Department of Communications presented to the Portfolio Committee on Communications on 19 February 2014. The presentation comprises an overview of the history of the document as well as next steps for implementation. DOC Presentation NBP 2013 PPC 19 February 2014 The presentation sets out South Africa’s broadband targets to 2030: Target […]

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Review of Universal Service and Access Obligation (USAO) framework

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[12 January 2014] The date for submissions was extended to 21 January 2014 by way of a gazette published on 20 December 2013. __ [update 28 November 2013] ICASA has advanced (or attempted to advance) this process through the publication of a “Draft Amendment On USAO“. Comment is due by 19 December 2013. According to […]

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Outline of the ICT Policy Review Process

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[13 April 2013] It is easy to get a bit confused about what exactly is happening with SA electronic communications policy, so the Department of Communications has published an outline of the ICT Policy Review Process to shed some light on the matter. Outline of the ICT Policy Review Process April 2013 In April 2012, […]

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Strategic Integrated Project (SIP) 15: Expanding Access to Communication Technology

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[31 March 2013] Strategic Integrated Project (SIP) 15: Expanding Access to Communication Technology (“SIP 15″) was launched by the Presidential Infrastructure Coordinating Commission (PICC) on 3 December 2012 and effectively represents the actual policy of the Government of South Africa as regards to how it will expand access to communication technology to a far greater percentage […]

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Under-Serviced Areas Definitions Regulations, 2012

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These regulations – published under section 88(2) of the ECA on 10 September 2012 (GG 35675) – define the term “Underserviced area” and sets out a list of district/local/ metropolitan municipalities together with percentages for Internet / Computer / Telephone/ Cellphone penetration based on the Stats SA 2007 Household Survey. Presumably these figures will be used […]

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Determination with regard to universal access and universal service

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The Department of Communications has issued a determination under section 82(3) of the Electronic Communications Act of 2005 (“the ECA”) setting out what is to be regarded as constituting (a) universal access by all areas and communities in South Africa to electronic communications services and electronic communications network services, and (b) universal provision for all […]

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Inquiry into definition of "underserviced" in Cell C licence

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Download the ICASA Inquiry into the Definition of Under-serviced Area in the Cell C Licence (PDF) Note on the ICASA Inquiry into the definition of Under Serviced Area (USA) in the Cell C licence Due: 30 July 2008 This is an Inquiry in terms of section 4B of the ICASA Act which flows directly from […]

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