Policy constitutes the context in which legislation and regulation are implemented. Policy competence resides in the hands of the Minister of Communications and ICASA is required to take this into account when drafting regulations under the Electronic Communications Act.

National ICT Consultative Forum

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[27 July 2015] Just noting for the record that nothing further has happened regarding the National ICT Consultative Forum, notwithstanding that the initial meetings of the chambers was meant to take place in the first week of June. ___ [7 June 2014] Email addresses for the Forum and its chambers: NationalICTforum@dtps.gov.za Socialchamber@dtps.gov.za Economicchamber@dtps.gov.za Govandsecuritychambe@dtps.gov.za ICTanddisabilitycham@dtps.gov.za […]

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Rapid deployment of electronic communications facilities

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[22 June 2015] The DTPS has awarded a tender to Analsys Mason to undertake the underlying work for the development of policy and policy directions relating to rapid deployment of electronic communications facilities. During the course of the presentation by the Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services of the recommendations of the ICT Policy Review Panel […]

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The (new) Department of Communications

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[1 June 2015] The Portfolio Committee on Communications debated and then adopted its report on the Budget Vote of the Department of Communications on 12 May 2015. Committee Report on Department of Communications Budget The Report has the following text regarding ICASA: ICASA can be commended for reducing its strategic goals from eight (8) to three […]

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ICT Policy Review Process

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[5 May 2015] The ICT Panel of Experts has handed over its final report to the Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services, Dr Siyabonga Cwele. The Minister has indicated that he anticipates that the review process will be finalised this year. Executive Summary National Integrated ICT Policy Review Report March 2015 National Integrated ICT Policy […]

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Broadcasting Digital Migration Policy

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[29 March 2015] The Minister of Communications has published final amendments to the Broadcasting Digital Migration Policy. Amendment of Broadcasting Digital Migration Policy 18 March 2015 ____ [20 February 2014] The Department of Communications delivered an informative presentation to the Portfolio Committee on Communications on 18 February 2014, setting out both its policy and the […]

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SMME development in the ICT sector

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[10 March 2015] Let’s try again… The new date for the two day ICT SMME workshop is Monday, 23 – Tuesday, 24 March 2015 at the Birchwood Conference Centre in Boksburg-Johannesburg. If you wish to attend email this confirmation slip to  ictsmmes@dtps.gov.za. ____ [3 December 2014] The proposed workshop has been postponed. According to the DTPS: […]

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New political arrangement: Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services + Department of Communications

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[21 February 2015]  At last an answer has been offered to the question of why the President determined to split the old Department of Communications into a new Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services (DTPS) and a new Department of Communications (DoC). Deputy-Minister Stella  Ndabeni-Abrahams offered the following when presenting a progress report on the […]

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DoC Broadcasting Policy Review

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[1 December 2014] The deadline for submissions has been extended to 16 January 2015. Notice on DoC website ___ [13 November 2014]  The Department of Communications has called for written proposals on a new review of existing broadcasting policy. Call for Written Proposals on Broadcasting Policy Review November 2014 Minister’s Statement on the Broadcasting Policy […]

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2014 Budget Vote on Communications

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[20 July 2014] Joint report of the Portfolio Committees on Communications and on Telecommunications and Postal Services on their deliberations on Budget Vote 27: Communications, and entities of the Department of Communications, dated 11 July 2014 Address by the Honourable Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services, Dr Siyabonga Cwele on the occasion of the Budget Vote […]

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Strategic Integrated Project (SIP) 15: Expanding Access to Communication Technology

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[11 July 2014] The President has proclaimed 10 July 2014 as the date on which the Infrastructure Development Act 23 of 2014 came into force. Proclamation Commencement of the Infrastructure Development Act 23 of 2014 ___ [8 June 2014] The framework for SIP 15 and the other strategic integrated projects has been formalised through the […]

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